Michigan’s Hidden Mountain Range | Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

The Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula are every back-country camper’s dream – 60,000 acres cover untouched Michigan forest, full of sugar maple, yellow birch, and eastern hemlock trees. Fantastic waterfalls and hidden natural springs flow into Lake Superior at the northern crest of the park. Many other lakes are within the forest and easiest […]

Music to Your Ears: Michigan Summer Festival Roundup

It’s summertime in Michigan, and for most that means you can find us at the beach, by the lake, or enjoying a nice cold one on a patio. Summer can sound like a nice breeze in windchimes by the sparkling blue lakefront, the revving of engines at the Detroit Grand Prix, or the laughter of youngsters […]

7 Things That Prove Michigan Is The Most Adventurous State

1.  We laugh at the cold. When our summer paradise turns into a winter wonderland, you won’t see Michigan schools closing for just a few inches of snow. Winter is just part of our lives. When most people might be overwhelmed by brisk temperatures and mounds of snow, it doesn’t phase Michiganders. Instead, it means […]

Ultimate Packing List For Michigan Adventures

Ultimate Packing List for Michigan Adventures - Awesome Mitten

Michigan’s summer has arrived, mostly, and you’re probably thinking about road trips to see the Mackinac Bridge, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Porcupine Mountains. If you’re anything like me, the days leading up to your planned adventure you’re mostly likely excited, anxious, and stressed. “Where did I put my tent? Why am I packing so much? […]