13 Michigan Cupcakes You Need To Try

Cupcakes might be the next best thing since sliced bread. For starters, who doesn’t love cake? Cake is great. But even better yet, we then had to one-up cake with its adorable counterpart: the cupcake. With so many styles, flavors, and fillings, we set out to find the best tasty places to get cupcakes in […]

Inside Northern Michigan’s BEST Winter 5k

Inside Northern Michigan's Best Winter 5k - The Awesome Mitten

If you are looking for a winter race along the shores of Lake Michigan, you may be crazy. Michiganders who run outside year-round are the perfect kind of crazy. The Betsie Bay Frozen 5k is the best winter race around. It supports local charities, has fabulous door prizes, and is full of winter running enthusiasts. […]

Go Where the Art Is: Oliver Art Center

You might be surprised to hear this, but art is everywhere. If you’re looking closely, you can find beauty in the grass that grows through the cracks in the sidewalk or in the way the clouds roll in before the sky lights up with lightning. If you’re lucky, you get the opportunity to see those moments through a […]

A Beach in the Backyard: #MittenTrip Frankfort

#MittenTrip Frankfort - The Awesome Mitten

Since I know you’re all looking for more reasons to get to Lake Michigan this summer, let me add a destination to your list: Frankfort. This cozy village less than an hour southwest of Traverse City gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘relaxation.’ Nestled in to Lake Michigan’s Betsie Bay, Frankfort is a one-stop-light […]

A Summer Lake Michigan Road Trip, Ludington To Frankfort

A Summer Lake Michigan Road Trip, Ludington to Frankfort - Awesome Mitten

Do thoughts of countless beaches, rolling sand dunes, picturesque lighthouses, undisturbed parks, and nature preserves, all along turquoise water get you excited? If so, then consider the Northern Michigan trek from Frankfort to Ludington where hopping from one resort town to the next on this road trip made me forget about the day-to-day. I just […]

Stormcloud Brewing Company

Those that have visited the quaint town of Frankfort know that it is nearly perfect. The one thing it seemed to be missing, however, was a brewery of their own craft beer. Well fear not, Frankfort fans, now you can enjoy the perfect beach and beautiful lighthouse with your hand clutched around the handle of […]

Favorite Outdoor Places In Michigan – Moosejaw

Last week we did a fun little contest with Moosejaw where we asked you to tell us your favorite outdoor spot in Michigan. Below are some of your entries! “My favorite spot is sitting at the top of the log slide in Grand Marias looking right toward the pictured rocks lake shore, left toward the […]