Anyone can plaster your logo on their website and charge you a pretty penny for “advertising” to their audience… but in the days of “ad blindness,” how many of their readers ever actually notice your ad or click on it to learn more about your business? Online advertising in Michigan doesn’t have to be a “spaghetti ad” that you throw up on a website and hope it attracts the right audience.

At Awesome Mitten, we go beyond basic ad placements on our website. We don’t want to sell “spaghetti ads.” We want to partner with local Michigan businesses to help them reach the right audience with measurable and proven results. We want to help Michiganders engage with and support local Michigan businesses.

And throwing ads up on our website and hope they attract the right people just isn’t going to cut it.

How Advertising In Michigan Is Different With Awesome Mitten

When you advertise with Awesome Mitten, you’re doing more than just getting your name out there in Michigan. You’re supporting engagement in local Michigan communities. You’re helping us support other local businesses in Michigan. You’re investing in your local community, helping to make Michigan a better place to live, work, and play.

Partnership Opportunities | Advertising with Awesome Mitten

We have multiple options for local Michigan businesses to partner with us, realizing that different companies have different budgets, but they all deserve an opportunity to get involved and encourage Michiganders to enjoy our great mitten state.

One-and-Done Options

While our goal is to build a partnership with local Michigan businesses, we realize that some marketing budgets allow for a single ad purchase. And we want to be sure to include those smaller businesses. So we offer a handful of one-and-done advertising options on Awesome Mitten.

  • individual newsletter sponsorships
  • boosted social media post


Have an idea for a one-and-done online advertising option with Awesome Mitten? We’d love to hear it!

Monthly Partnerships

We find that repetition is the best way to influence a decision – the more ways and times a brand is introduced to an individual, the more likely he/she is to consider that brand when it’s time to purchase. That’s why we encourage Michigan businesses to consider a monthly partnership with Awesome Mitten. With a minimum of four unique introductions to our audience, you’ll have the opportunity to impact your brand’s awareness in Michigan.

Our monthly packages vary in price and offerings but may include:

  • newsletter sponsorship including a conversational introduction to our subscribers
  • multiple social media sponsored posts, including paid promotion on Facebook and Instagram
  • featured listing on our website with links to your website and social channels
  • inclusion on the Partners page on our website


Why do we include all of these features? We believe that a “partnership” with a local Michigan business is more than just allowing them to host their logo on our website.

Our goal at Awesome Mitten is to encourage Michiganders to enjoy and engage with our great mitten state, and engagement with local Michigan businesses is a big part of that mission. We want to see local Michigan businesses thrive, so we go out of our way to be the ones to introduce them to Michiganders.

Sponsorship Opportunities | Advertising with Awesome Mitten

Beyond our one-and-done and monthly partnership opportunities, we also offer sponsorship opportunities. These can be added to a partnership package or purchased ala carte.

Sponsored Posts

While we frequently publish articles that highlight a group of businesses or venues in Michigan that would be considered the “best of” a given category, we also want to help individual Michigan businesses showcase their unique offerings. We do this through our sponsored posts:

  • 1000+ word high-quality article written by one of our content specialists
  • 3-5 high-quality images or graphics showcasing your business
  • an in-depth interview
  • SEO-friendly terms linked to your website
  • a minimum of three social shares of the post (Facebook and Instagram) with links to your social media channels


Check out the Fortress Coffee sponsored feature article on Awesome Mitten for an example of what this might look like for your local Michigan business.

Fortress Cafe - A Local Coffee Shop In Downtown Jackson Michigan

Sponsored Giveaways

Each quarter, we host a giveaway to highlight places, products, and people unique to Michigan. Local Michigan businesses can partner with us to provide the prizes for these giveaways.

While the initial giveaway items or gift certificates are purchased by Awesome Mitten, each business is given the opportunity to “upgrade” their participation status by matching or exceeding the giveaway amount that we purchase from them.

Those who take advantage of this “upgrade” will receive “Partner” status for the giveaway and be provided with:

  • a natural paragraph about the business on the giveaway landing page
  • a dedicated social media post highlighting the business as a partner of the giveaway


The image below shows an example of a giveaway landing page.

Michigan Giveaway Bundle

Sponsored Projects

Occasionally we rally around a need or cause in Michigan, and we invite local Michigan businesses to join us in our attempts to educate and engage our followers to benefit the cause.

(You can see an example of this with the #BuyInJackson campaign in April 2020.)

Buyinjackson Campaign

Depending on their level of participation, local Michigan businesses can benefit from sponsoring our projects in some of the following ways:

  • dedicated social media shares
  • campaign landing page mentions (often with graphic and conversational paragraph)
  • newsletter mentions
  • featured partner status


Are you ready to partner with Awesome Mitten?

Join us in encouraging Michiganders to get out and enjoy our great mitten state, and find a partnership package that is the right fit for your local Michigan business.

Contact us today to start the conversation about partnering with Awesome Mitten. We can’t wait to share your amazing Michigan business with our audience!