The Ultimate Michigan Bucket List


It's Time To Explore Michigan! Are You Ready?

#MIAwesomeList is the ultimate bucket list in Michigan where you can experience our state to its fullest – from beloved Michigan favorites to hidden gems and haunts known only to the localest of locals.

We believe ALL of Michigan is great and we want to help you experience it to the fullest!

#MIAwesomeList is brought to you by the Awesome Mitten and made possible only through our generous partners.

We can’t wait to see what trips you take and memories you create this year!



Anyone who lives, works, or plays in Michigan. In short, if you love Michigan, you should join us!



A unique in-depth bucket list to to help inspire your explorations and the detail to plan your trip.



We seek to feature adventures and attractions from every corner of Michigan in our lists.



#MIAwesomeList runs a unique bucket list every three months - for every season in Michigan.



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#MIAwesomeList Partners

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"This list was amazing. We haven't taken a trip together in the ten years we've known each other... We decided life was too short and there were too many great places we were missing because we weren't making adventures a priority. I’m sure this sounds super cheesy, but having this list was a true blessing for us.”
Love On Lake Michigan.
Past #MIAwesomeList Participant