Detroit Fall Beer Festival

Detroit Fall Beer Festival
Detroit Fall Beer Festival
Detroit Fall Beer Festival – courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

Approaching the Detroit Fall Beer Festival, I was trying to decide the right “angle” to take. Some suggestions given to me were trying all the same kinds of beer from different brewers, so I thought I’d take on all of the harvest ales I could manage. Then, I thought, “No, I love IPAs, so I challenge myself to NOT have one all day long.” Needless to say, the enthusiasm and furor of the day’s events made all of that contemplation unnecessary. The angle? The Michigan beer community is overwhelmingly passionate; that was particularly evident in the crisp fall chill of that weekend in Eastern Market.

Parking spots were sparse because not only was it time for beer festivities, but it was also Saturday market. The best part about that? Eastern Market was abuzz and that is good for Detroit. It’s so important for people travelling from far away, or even just the suburbs of metro Detroit, to see how vibrant the market can be and how much affection goes into keeping that area of the city thriving. Entering the festival, the excitement was tangible. Beer lovers of all styles were milling around discussing their favorites, talking shop, joining in revelry, and having an altogether jolly time regardless of the elements.

With over 60 craft brewers from all over the state touting more than 450 different beers, the real challenge of the day was to decide what was next. Some of the crowd favorites were evident by the winding lines coming from Short’s, Greenbush, New Holland, and Founder’s. Not that those breweries don’t deliver, but one of the most magical parts of the day was discovering something delicious from one of the breweries that is just coming into their own.

The Michigan beer industry is inspiring for so many reasons, but the Detroit Fall Beer Festival really spoke to the innovation of the industry. The brewers in Michigan are challenging one another to create the next best thing, or perfect their already loved recipes. Developing into its own beautiful camaraderie, the Michigan Brewers Guild supports a network of some of the most ingenious, creative, and passionate beer professionals around. An article about the Detroit Fall Beer Festival doesn’t need a dedicated angle because it IS the angle. Like most beer festivals, there are so many great beers coming from awesome people.

In Detroit, festival goers come together to celebrate those beers, but also to celebrate the ways the city is thriving and growing just like the beer industry. That same innovation that is happening all over the state concerning beer is also happening in the city. Want to see some of the biggest supporters for the local beer industry? Visit any of the new and established bars and restaurants lining Detroit’s streets that are singing the Michigan beer industry’s praises and making the state proud all year round.

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