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It is common knowledge that one of the best parts about traveling internationally is tasting all of the foreign food that is not at our immediate disposal here in the United States. Among the various types of food that I like to try while traveling abroad, it is imperative that I also check out the local candy scene. Sadly, it is not always practical to leave the country when wanting to try new food. Fortunately, Walter Blake Knoblock, more commonly known as Blake from Bocandy, is here to help. Knoblock founded Bocandy to bring candy lovers all of the United States a taste of international goods.

June's Delightful Shipment - Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton
June’s Delightful Shipment – Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

Bocandy was created when Knoblock and some friends wanted to order international candy, but were put off at the costly expense of doing so. He started buying the candy in bulk from various countries, packaging a little from each country, and distributing it to candy lovers all over the United States. The sign-up process is simple and only costs $11 per month with free shipping. If you are feeling a little skeptical about whether Bocandy is what you are looking for, I recommend trying out their free sample of candy. (Even if you’re certain you want to sign up for Bocandy, get the free sample! It’s free candy!)

Photo Courtesy of Bocandy
Photo Courtesy of Bocandy

Prior to receiving each shipment of candy, Knoblock sends out an email to his customers, letting them know what to anticipate. In my lovely free sample of Bocandy, I received candy from Romania, Germany, Finland, England, Mexico, and Russia. It was a TON of candy. Each of these emails is very descriptive too, so you know exactly what you are holding in your hand (or in my case, what I was holding in my stomach). Knoblock’s emails are almost as enjoyable as his candy shipments too, full of descriptive humor and a joy to read.

Now, let’s get down to the important stuff. Do you want free candy for a year? Me too. Hop on over to Bocandy’s website to enter their contest to win free international candy for a full year. Seriously. The winners pay nothing, not even shipping costs. Three winners will be chosen. I hope with my whole heart that I am one of the chosen winners among two of you lovely Awesome Mitten readers. According to Sir Knoblock, this is a $400 value if we took the time to go out and buy all that candy.

Per usual, I recommend that you keep up with Bocandy’s Twitter and Facebook pages to stay updated on all the candy-tastic things occurring in the sugar-filled universe.

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