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Kayaking the Huron River - #MittenTrip - Ann Arbor - The Awesome Mitten

Kayaking the Huron River in Ann Arbor

Saturdays in Ann Arbor (especially for a #MittenTrip) are made for kayaks (in our case, a tandem) and the Huron River. I grew up in parts of Northern Michigan where

ArtPrize 2011

2014 ArtPrize is Full of Surprises

There has been an inordinate amount of construction in downtown Grand Rapids this summer.  Thankfully all of those projects are winding down as the city prepares to welcome nearly half

Tre Cugini

Positively Loving Patios in Grand Rapids

It’s something resembling spring or summer in Grand Rapids! There’s nothing better than getting done with work, school, errands or meetings and being able to sit outside. Maybe you sip

A Very Grand (Rapids) Valentine’s Day

I know so many people who bash Valentine’s Day as the worst offender of the greeting card holidays. And that’s okay. But since it has endured for many years, it’s

The Mitten Brewing Co. Hits Homerun

There’s just something about Michigan that makes you want to drink craft beer. As “dinner and drinks” at local micro-breweries is beginning to replace chain restaurant meals, it’s important that

The Awesome Mitten (Devil's Night)

Devil’s Night

Notoriety is a bittersweet quality. Those who say “any publicity is good publicity” embrace it, while others prefer to attract no undue attention, positive or otherwise. Detroit, Michigan, our beloved

The Awesome Mitten (WGRD Halloween Hellraiser!)

WGRD Halloween Hellraiser!

In Grand Rapids, Halloween is always an excellent time to test drive a new look- if your costume works out, then you’re set to go when spring renewal rolls around!

The Awesome Mitten ArtPrize

ArtPrize 2012

ArtPrize, the largest art competition in the world, Ends at 6:00 pm on Sunday, October 7th in Grand Rapids, MI. On September 23rd, 2009, there was a table and chairs

The Awesome Mitten (Front Porch Cafe)

Front Porch Cafe

Michigan runs on community. From our biggest and most industrial to our most rural, these communities drive our economy, build each other up, provide jobs and ultimately, make this state

The Awesome Mitten(Lights in the Night)

Lights in the Night

[box type=”info”]Update: This event has been postponed until September 28th due to inclement weather. Read more here.[/box] As Grand Rapids holds its breath in anticipation of hosting its 4th annual