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7 Must-See Things to Do in Manistique

Have you driven the 142-mile long stretch of U.S. 2 from the Mackinac Bridge to Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula? It’s long, right? And if you’ve driven this stretch, you


Introducing Batch Brewing Company

Corktown will be opening its doors to a new pub late this summer on the historic corner of Michigan Ave. and Trumbull. If you’re used to the king of long

New Clear Aeropress

Coffee Competitions Hit The Great Lakes

What do the cities of Milan, Helsinki, Johannesburg, and Fukuoka all have in common? They are all host to a rising wave of competitions in the coffee world: Aeropress championships.

Pretty Awesome Pasties: Pasty Central

It’s great to see that Awesome Mitten readers have enjoyed the Pretty Awesome Pasty series. Catch the overall introduction to the series, and the most recent post about Weldon’s Pasties.

Best Golf Courses - The Awesome Mitten

Michigan’s Best Golf Courses

2013 marks the 25th Anniversary for the West Michigan Golf Show. If past years are any indication, golf enthusiasts will pack DeVos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids from Friday-Sunday, Feb.


Peninsula Divided: Packers vs. Lions

The Upper Peninsula is a region divided. It’s more fundamentally divided than the lower peninsula might understand, and it’s the cause of contention between neighbors, even families. The Lions vs.


Kalamazoo’s Henderson Castle

Many have observed the mysterious and exquisite chateau perched on the bluff of West Main Hill in Kalamazoo with curiosity. The Henderson Castle has been nestled there for over a


The Bar at 327 Braun Court

A dash of Brooklyn, a pinch of Portland, a jigger of Wicker Park and a lot of whiskey. The Bar at 327 Braun Court is an oasis in Ann Arbor

Upper Peninsula Hosts Sled Dog Races

When I lived in Northville, never having visited the Upper Peninsula, I had no idea that sled dog races happened so close to home. But, it turns out, there are


Pretty Awesome Pasties: Weldon’s Pasties

Thanks for the feedback and comments from the inaugural installment of Pretty Awesome Pasties! First, to clear up one reader’s question, how is this Michigan delicacy pronounced? The delicious pasty


Volunteer at a Kalamazoo Nonprofit

Even though the holiday season is over, there are still opportunities to thank the many businesses and organizations that have worked extra hard during the holiday season and in the

A Holiday Gift from The Kitchen

How to make homemade vanilla extract Christmas is just around the corner and presumably all your gifts are wrapped and lined up neatly underneath the tree. Packages are perfectly adorned