Jackson County

Michigan Day Trip Destination: Jackson County

Nestled in Southcentral Michigan less than 100 miles from the Ohio border, Jackson County Michigan is brimming with history, good food, scenic parks, and no shortage of fun activities. Jackson

map of small towns in Mid-Michigan

33 Charming Small Towns in Mid-Michigan

From popular tourist stops and charming small-town festivals to calming riverside trails and endless tranquility, small towns in Mid-Michigan have something to offer everyone. Let’s explore some of the best

Asylum Lake Preserve

Exploring Asylum Lake Preserve

Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape of Kalamazoo Michigan, lies a hidden gem of nature’s embrace — Asylum Lake Preserve. Like a whispered secret among locals and a sanctuary for wildlife,

urban legends in Michigan

Fact or Fiction? 10 Urban Legends in Michigan

Well-known urban legends involving cryptid figures, ghosts, superstitions, and even stories about celebrities invite a whole range of emotions, including intrigue, skepticism, and even fear. Urban legends in Michigan carry

De Tour Village

23 BEST Michigan Beach Towns on Lake Huron

Michigan’s Lake Huron shoreline is dotted with charming beach towns that offer a mix of natural beauty, quaint downtown areas, and recreational activities. Along the Sunrise Coast, travelers of all