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Elk Brewing

When it comes to micro-breweries in Grand Rapids, they are about as common as Starbucks in New York City. Elk Brewing is the latest edition to be added to the Beer

The Awesome Mitten - Yoga HEAT


How many of you have ever wanted to pick up a new sport or hobby, but just couldn’t justify dropping half your pay check on something you weren’t sure you


It’s that time of year again… no unfortunately I’m not talking about warm weather just yet. I am talking about the next best thing to warm weather, though! If you

Freshii Comes to Downtown Grand Rapids

As a self proclaimed non-chain restaurant-goer I always get a little bummed when a new chain restaurant finds its way to Downtown Grand Rapids. So, when I heard about Freshii

Awesome Mitten - Pando Winter Sports Park

Pando Winter Sports Park

When you heard there was a chance for snow growing up, there was a mix of excitement and anxiousness that fell over you in hopes of a snow day. Unfortunately,