Wisconsin: The Mitten State?

We posted this as a tweet yesterday with this image, saying ” I guess we should clarify – we think the only Awesome Mitten is Michigan. Apparently Wisconsin thinks it’s a mitten too?”

Well apparently you all are just as confused as we were! Check out some of the press below.

MLive: Wisconsin’s Use of the Mitten to Promote Winter Tourism a Real Stretch, Michigan Fans Say

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin Mitten Rubs Michigan the Wrong Way

WKBT:LaCrosse:  Mitten envy? Wisconsin promotion draws note in Michigan

Twin Cities Pioneer Press: Mitten envy? Wisconsin promotion draws attention in Michigan

Huffington Post: Mitten State: Michigan Nickname Used In Wisconsin Tourism Campaign

 Lansing State Journal: Mittengate: Social media campaign demands Wisconsin keep its hands off our mittens 

Gawker: Dumbest War Ever Erupts Over Which State Looks Most Like a Mitten

The Examiner: Mittengate – Wisconsin adopts mangled hand logo

Chicago Tribune: Hand-to-hand combat


  1. Wisconsin resembles a mitten that has been tossed from a car, frozen to the I-75 concrete in January, and then driven over by SUVs and semis for several weeks.

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