What’s Brewing: Strange Matter Coffee Co.

For all of you coffee lovers living in mid-Michigan, there’s something you should get really excited about: Michigan’s first coffee truck! Strange Matter Coffee Co. is planning to roll on to the streets of Lansing in Spring 2014 with the help of crowd-sourcing campaigns like Kickstarter.

Launched on September 30, Strange Matter is nearing the end of a Kickstarter campaign intended to roll their coffee truck into action. Strange Matter aims to provide the Lansing area with the specialty coffee that it is sorely missing–in-season coffees from roasters around the country, brewed with knowledge and passion, and delivered practically right to your front door. The concept is similar to successful shops like Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor and Astro Coffee in Detroit: high quality coffee from multiple roasters and excellent, quality-driven service. What’s different, however, is the vessel that will be delivering these exceptional brews. Strange Matter will not only be the first “third-wave” coffee truck in the state of Michigan, but it will be the first coffee truck in the entire country using a multiple roaster system! This means that, with a lot of hard work and dedication, Strange Matter will essentially be paving the way for yet another innovation within the coffee world.

This phenomenal idea was hatched by Michigan native Cara Nader. A veteran of the coffee industry, Nader has brought the joy of this delicious beverage to countless people (including yours truly!) through managing cafes, representing the great lakes region in the Barista Guild of America, and as a wholesale representative for Populace Coffee in Bay City. Nader is a fantastic coffee educator and science nerd, and with her campaign has provided ample evidence of this through videos and blog posts. If anyone has the moxie and sheer determination to take on a project like this, it’s her!

I, for one, am incredibly excited for mid-Michigan to become another part of our state’s excellent coffee community, and you should be too! To find out more about Strange Matter Coffee Co, check out their website, Facebook, or donate to their Kickstarter!

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– By Erica Starr, Contributing Writer

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