What You Love About Michigan

Earlier this week we ran a contest for our Massive Giveaway, and we encouraged you to tell us what you love about Michigan! Well the response was overwhelming! And SOOOOOO AWESOME! Check out your responses below. Curious who won? Head on over to the giveaway page for a list of the winners.


Kathy Ponstein: Is it the water? The beautiful scenery? The great people of Michigan? The history? The sports? I guess I love it all!

Erin Monigold: I love the Mitten State, because there is nothing else like it in the world! ♥

Jill Virtue: I love all the Great craft brewers in Michigan made with Pure Michigan water!

Kristina Moore: I love our state of MI because we have all four seasons, we have the great lakes, mountains, waterfalls, islands!!! What more can you ask for!! :):):)

Carol Blankenship Crawford: Michigan is home and has everything we need. We tried living in Florida, but there is nothing like pine trees covered with snow and beaches that hold treasures like Petoskey stones!

Nancy Haltom: Lakes, trees, trails, waterfalls, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets…MI rocks!

Amy Yvonne DeKok: I love the beautiful glorious trees!!

Tricia Stevens: Michigan is an invitation marvel at creation as well as the place to DO IT ALL. On- or in- the (clean!) water – with a full 4 seasons to… kayak (river or sea), ski (water-, jet-, downhill- or XC), sail/parasail (water or snow) snow or boogie board, climb dunes, rock faces or waterfalls, hike, bike, swim, skate (inline or ice), fish, hunt, take in or participate in concerts or the best food events with glorious scenic backdrops, hands-on education opportunities, color tours, sunrise/sets, northern lights and stargazing, and the best retreat for family to REALLY get to know each other whether active or late nights around a fire (in or out), or curling up in a lake or riverside a hammock together with books…and unlike many other vacation lands in the USA, with rare exceptions, Michigan’s abundant wildlife won’t kill you! (Would love a Tshirt to send to our college girl to proclaim MI!)

Tami Bruin: I might be in NC, but I’ll always be from Michigan!!!

Christopher Sorel: In Michigan and born here and vacation here. It is the best


Marge Hess Yetzke: I ♥ Michigan because I was born and raised here and plan to stay here. My ancestors came in the 1850’s to settle in the SW corner of the great mitten… love pointing out where I live on my hand!


Angela Giachino-Siegmon: I love Michigan for “Up North” the wonderful cabins, cottages and campgrounds

Cindi Czyzak Kaiser: The mitten is the best!!! Love the seasons and the lakes.

Melissa Metivier: I love the mitten because it has a little of everything–forests, mountains (well, almost), plains, dunes, oceans (low salt, of course), river valleys, snow, heat, rain, sunshine…

Shannon Casey: I love Michigan because of all the great wine being made in the state!Kati Huff: I’m a Resident Assistant at Oakland University (Rochester, MI but I’m a St. Joe native) and we do bulletin boards for our residents every month. This month I dedicated the entire board to MI! A map, quiz, fun facts, and even a shout out to you guys. Holla! And this is how I show my mitten love ♥

What You Love About Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
Oakland University Mitten Love

Dean Caverly: I love the mitten because I can snowboard in the winter and swim in the summer!

Heather MacDonald: I love Michigan because with a little slice of heaven like Traverse City, how could you possibly want to leave? Sipping wine at Chateau Chantal Winery with this view simply can’t be beat! 🙂

What You Love About Michigan - The Awesome Mitten
Chateau Chantal Awesome Mitten


Joe Young: I love Michigan for the change of seasons, still waiting for winter though!Beth Gordon

Van Buren: I am so proud to be from Michigan. While there is a variety of culture, there is a bond brought about from living on a peninsula surrounded and filled with glorious water, wildlife and fauna. We are cold, we are hot, beaches, dunes, and forests. Engineering marvels made by both man and nature abound here. We have access to cosmopolitan cities all around us, while always being close to the quiet of nature. We have produced extraordinary mechanics, fruit, vegetables, and people. Everything we need is right here — why go anywhere else?

Audrey Seilheimer: I love Michigan because innovative minds are reinventing our eternally optimistic Mitten “high five”! Living Surrounded by so much fresh water leads to FRESH ideas~ like The Awesome Mitten! ~audrey from vintage mitten #mittenlovin
Kristen Burnett: I love the mitten because it is pure awesomeness… 4 awesome seasons!! ♥ #mittenlove
burnett brew blog: We love the mitten because of unsalted water, microbrews, farms, up north & 4 fantastic seasons! #mittenlove
Susan Webb Hirvela Robinson: Love the mitten because we have the best of every season!
Tracy Halasinski: I love Michigan for many reasons, but mostly because even though I don’t live there anymore, it still feels like home. I hope to get back there permanently sooner rather than later!
Jonathan McDonald: I love Michigan for the bounty of great resources, people, and products
Linda See: I love Michigan for being surrounded by the Great Lakes! I grew up by Lake St. Clair (the “heart” of the Great Lakes)
Angela Giachino-Siegmon: I love Michigan for our “Up North” cabins, cottages and campgrounds!
Jennifer Rees: I love Michigan because of the people. Down to earth, big dreamers, hard working people!
Cortney Casey: I love Michigan because of the gorgeous summers and delicious wine! 🙂
Julie Jacobs Vandenboom: I love Michigan for the great wine, for beautiful hikes in the fall, for South Manitou Island, and for all the great new things happening in Lansing!
Trisha Maria: I love Michigan because 4 out of 5 Great Lakes prefer Michigan, haha. That, and the fact that it’s geographically beautiful, Detroit has made me the person I am today, and it’s the only state that you can use your hand to show where you live.
Amanda Boyer: I love Michigan because I was born here, I’ve lived most of my life here, and I am amazed daily at all the new items that are being produced in Michigan- if you can buy it, you should buy it Michigan Made!
Tracie Vandermeulen: I love Michigan because it’s got some of the greatest weather in the country!!
Amy Christensen: Northern Michigan is beautiful!!!Brandy Henderson: In love with the Mitten because we truly have the best of every season!
Erin Bentley Wyatt: I love Michigan because I grew up there, and I miss the trees, hills, and non man-made lakes which my current state does not possess. Plus, it’s where Jack White is from.
Dean South: I Love the Mitten For it’s Lake Michigan History.
Ann Solce: The answer to your question, why I love Michigan?: Is definitively because of the Great Lakes. I visited Florida once and stood on the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean and thought to my self,” I looks just like Lake Michigan only saltier.”
Loni Pfanenstiel: I love the Mitten for the sports and the people. 🙂
Ted Pixley: I love Michigan because of the amazing people, beautiful natural wonders and the amazing ebbs and flows of the distinctive seasons (well, maybe not so much this year!)
Dawn McCarthy Malek: Why do I love MI? We are so blessed to live in such a cool state. There is so much to do and see in MI that I feel guilty if I spend my vacation dollars anywhere else. I live and work in Clinton Twp, just spent this past weekend in Grand Rapids (concert, Meijer Gardens, Yesterdog!), and will be at my weekend home in Lexington on beautiful Lake Huron this weekend. BLESSED!
Alicia Varga Gray: I love Michigan because of the all the awesome people and different things to do! You can go urban or enjoy all the beautiful nature and outdoors we have. Something for everyone!
Lindy Kellogg: I love Michigan for SO many reasons! Some are: Asparagus, Blueberries, Cheese Lady in Muskegon, Detroit, Empire, Fountain Point, Grocer’s Daughter, Hockey, Interlochen concerts, Jam, K-zoo, Lakes, Mittens, Nature, October, Perfect sunsets, Quaint towns, back Roads, Sleeping Bear Dunes, hiking Trails, Union Yoga, Vacation, Wineries, Xylo, Ypsilanti & the Detroit Zoo!
Ginny Sterling: I love the mitten for so many reasons – the lakes, the people, the museums,the fruit, the asparagus, and it’s home!
Marcia Taylor: I was standing on the shore of Lake Michigan in the Charlevoix area yesterday. So beautiful. I have been a lot of places but northern Michigan is the most beautiful place on Earth.
Annie Boyer: Totally SMITTEN with the MITTEN – great people, great music, (motown) & great lakes…and our mitten keeps a heart warm all year long!!!! 😀
Jane Wayne: I LOVE the U.P! Probably my favorite part of Michigan..so many great memories there as a kid
Samantha Foss: I love da UP! It is snowy and awesome!
Shirley Moore: With the exception of 8 years in Texas, I have lived in Michigan all my life. I love and love the people that live here. It’s good to know that people such as you, Awesome Mitten and others care about our state too.
Sofia Nelson: No salt, no sharks, no worries that is why I love michigan. #mittenlove.
Marsha L. Irwin: I love the sunsets over Lake Michigan all year round.
Juli Kalmar: Why do I love the mitten? I think Hem says it best:
I am holding half an acre
Torn from the map of Michigan
And folded in this scrap of paper
Is the land I grew in
Julie Frais: I love Michigan because of the clear blue water, sandy beaches, amazing sights to see and a million things to do. It’s where I was born and raised and I’m very lucky for that!
Erica Willard: I love Michigan for all the beautiful scenery, and the 4 seasons (most years)!!!
Ruth Pearson: I LOVE LOVE LOVE all four seasons in our wonderful state!!! Not only do we have beautiful and interesting environments, but they are quadrupled by having 4 season changes!!
Rheanna Romeo: I love Michigan because it’s my home. I was not born and raised here but it has been my home for the past few years. It truly is an awesome mitten. 🙂
Sonnet Quinn: I love Michigan! I was born here (in southern Michigan), raised in West Michigan, earned my degree at Central Michigan where I fell in love with a yooper, who proposed to me on sand dunes of Lake Michigan, and once married we moved to his hometown in the EUP, had our daughters at Northern Michigan Hospital, and now, for about two years, have been living on Mackinac Island! It’s gorgeous year round, has a fascinating history, and all four seasons… What’s not to love?

A### M###: I’m a born-and-raised Michigan expat living in Miami Beach.  I moved down here and November, and it took me two weeks to figure out that I’m moving back to Michigan.  I love Michigan because out of all of the places I’ve lived for any significant time — New York, Indiana, and Florida — it’s the only state where you get a sense that everyone is on the same team (sports-wise and more generally too!). Thanks for your terrific site — it makes nursing my homesickness much more pleasant!

Lona Bronkema: I think Michigan is awesome (in part) because of its agriculture. Did you know that Michigan is second only to the state of California in agricultural diversity?

Amy DeKok: I LOVE the trees…many states are flat..with corn, wheat..sort of boring even if it IS necessary. But I love that Michigan is glorious with trees of ALL kinds!!

Dave Solce: I love Michigan because it has everything. I was born in Beverly Hills, MI, then moved to Columbiaville, near Lapeer, then I moved to Cadillac, MI, where I have lived ever since. I have traveled all around Michigan. From the east of Detroit and Saint Clair, through the plains of Sandusky, and everywhere in-between. I have been down the west of the state, seeing Michigan’s Adventure, Saint Joseph as the sun sets, climbing the dunes and seeing all of what that area has to offer. I’ve taken the trip from Cadillac to Alpena many times, boated on Torch Lake, and taken 31 from Traverse City all the way to the bridge(one of my favorite drives). But don’t think that this lad only dwells in the simple life of the lower peninsula. I’ve had great times on Mackinac Island, both as a vacationer, and as a Governor’s Honor Guard. I’ve been as east as Sault St. Marie, and as west as Ontonagan, even further. I have hiked the Porcupine Mountains, many miles of the North Country Trail, and it has been Michigan Businesses that have gotten me there. I love this state because it has everything I could ever want. I have been to many other states, I have spent my summers in New Mexico the past three summers. Michigan is it’s own world. It is a amazing beauty on an extremely large landscape. It holds so many hidden treasures, more than I could ever find. We have the best state in the country. Yes, we have been marked by poor times, however, if and when we come together as a state, and bring back the community that we had, we will rise again as the superstate of the United States of America. This is why I love Michigan, I’m never missing out.

Jack Prince:  Why I love Michigan … I love Michigan mostly because of the great outdoors. And where there is great outdoors, there is great scenery. And where there is great scenery, there are breathtaking photo opportunities. There are so many natural resources in this state, and yet there are great cities big and small that show the divide between rural and modern areas. I like to travel in michigan, and it is nice to see so many different lifestyles and natural beauty in this great state.

Sarah Morgan: I love Michigan because it is the most beautiful, down-to-earth, and friendly place I have ever been, and I’m lucky enough to call it my home.

Jillian Hunsanger: Because it is home! Everything about it is home (everything from Howell and the Balloonfest, to Meijer, to the U.P.). I’ve only been gone since September, but I miss it so much. While I thought there was nothing better than a Nevada sunset before I moved, there is absolutely nothing like a late summer/ early fall sunset at home in Howell. And now I’m all emotional!

Linda Vance Why I love Michigan~ My life has been spent in Michigan although I have traveled the world, my love for Michigan grows. Macinac Island, The Henry Ford/Greenfield Village, Trinity House, The Zoo Boo~ Detroit Zoo, Traverse City, Tip-Up-Town, Snowmobiling, Frankenmuth, Lakeport State Park in Lexington, Jet skis in Lake Michigan, Mission Point Lighthouse, Labor Day Macinaw Bridge walk, Eastern Market, Volunteering at Vista Maria, Dow Gardens every Mothers Day, Detroit Tigers, Kayaking the Pine River, North American International Auto Show, Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear SandDunes. I LOVE Michigan <3

Sheryl Dye I love Michigan because of its sparkling beautiful lakes, and the fact that the waterfronts are mostly public, not private as they are in CA, so everyone can enjoy the lakes and what they offer.  I also love the big beautiful shade trees in Michigan, which I very much miss being in California.

Heather Smith I have lived in Traverse City for almost 9 years.  I love it because there are no highways and therefore, less traffic and craziness…People care about the farmers here so we get lots of fresh produce and local products.  The wine is AMAZING and I am so happy to be surrounded by so many FANTASTIC breweries.  The schools are great and the town is a nice, safe place to raise my kids.  PLUS we get the Cherry Festival and the Film Festival…Can’t thank Michael Moore enough for bringing the State Theatre back…downtown is so vibrant and that makes it even better!!!!  Lots of love for my adopted state and town!

Tara Brennan Even though I no longer live there, I love getting back to visit as much as possible! I love the 4 seasons, “up north,” the lakes, the great people and the wide variety of activites the state has to offer!

Sarah Kundinger I am so proud to be from Michigan. I think we are truly a hidden gem. Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we have things to do year round! No matter the season, there is always something fun to do in Michigan and I think that is what I love about it most.

Silhanek Beautiful lakes, serene countryside, great skiing, awesome boating, culturally vibrant and diverse cities, comfortable small towns, and wholesome, hardworking people.

Kelly Silver Dear Beloved Mitten…you will always be my home.  I live in Pittsburgh now…and only until I can return.  I had to leave for my job and family…and my colleagues now know the wonders of the mitten.  Steelers? Nooooo…Penguins? You’ve got to be kidding me.  It is not easy living in the Steel City when my heart is in the MOTOR CITY….the only Hockey Town.  I miss my peninsula, my family in Birmingham, Royal Oak, Oscoda and Clawson….I miss my home.  I talk of the lakes and coney islands and the auto industry…and I don’t care if I repeat myself.  I have a picture of The Mitten on my wall…just to remind everyone which state I love above all. If I win…I can brave the Pittsburghers with Michigan pride….I love Michigan and I will return home for good someday.

Daasha Conaway: I love Michigan for the flat land, inland lakes, great lakes & high lands, where else can you do it all in all season.

Tricia Szymanski: Her natural beauty

Falling snow, sparkling in the sun

Crisp fall days with the smell of bonfire in the air and colors on the trees

Waiting for the school bus in the pitch dark bundled up like eskimo

Crazy, unpredictable weather that always keeps you guessing

Middle class values and family

Country roads, woods parties and camping

Chance to wear scarves 10 months out of the year. 

I love scarves.

Cemetaries in the fall

Homecoming football games

Strong history that I inevitably feel fiercy proud ofEndurance of spirit mixed with some serious redneck crazyIdeal childhood in a small town

My Mitten <3

Joel Beckman: love the mitten simply because there is so much#mittenlove. We all take pride in America’s high-five!

Kurt Trowbridge: I have #mittenlove because of all the great people and places to see in our state! 🙂

Heather MacDonald: I love Michigan b/c there is nothing better than spending a brisk fall day at an apple orchard drinking cider & eating doughnuts#mittenlove

Kaitlyn Burns: bliss fest, microbrews, railroad tressels, endless amount of beaches and water, organic farms, oryana – totally#mittenlove

Amber Hassler: I love Michigan because it is a great state full of adventure in which to raise my kids.  #mittenlove

Kelli MW:  Why do I love Michigan? The incredible great lakes… and beer selection, of course!! #mittenlove

Julie Peacock: Michigan is home…even though I haven’t lived there for 15 years, it will always be home. #mittenlove

lighthouseexp: We love the awesome lighthouses on the awesome lakes! #mittenlove


Christin#MittenLove is supporting Michigan & its great people coast2coast, snow&sun, in good&bad.


theresaroach: i love the michigan because we have beautiful cities like mackinaw! plus we’re shaped like a mitten. how cute are we?!


arync93: Awesome weather in Michigan. #Mitten‘sFinest 🙂


ladyredsauce Beaches, Snow, Sun, Autumn leaves, local brews and produce. Michigan is the best 🙂



emilykhamilton: I love Michigan because the people here are real! #mittenlove

Icon_72: Plus we have Frankenmuth, which is one of the coolest towns on the planet.


meg_collins227: I used my hand to show where I’m from to a guy on a first date…that’s why I love MI! #mittenlove

Rebecca Kelly: I love michigan because who doesn’t love all four seasons?! Plus you can high five my home state! #mittenlove


aktwac: I love MI because they have The Lions, Tigers, and Bears…I mean Red Wings. #MittenLove

Still want to share your love for Michigan? Sound off in the comments!

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The Awesome Mitten was born when I moved back to Michigan from Nashville, TN in September 2010. Almost immediately, I became frustrated. I couldn’t figure out why there weren’t more Michigan residents singing our states praises! I was so irritated, I wrote a Letter to the Editor. Three weeks later, I had started a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a landing page for the website, determined to do something to make Michigan residents aware of all the cool things going on in their own state. Email me: alex@awesomemitten.com