The Awesome Mitten (Wgrd Halloween Hellraiser!)

WGRD Halloween Hellraiser!

The Awesome Mitten (Wgrd Halloween Hellraiser!)
Photo Courtesy of WGRD

In Grand Rapids, Halloween is always an excellent time to test drive a new look- if your costume works out, then you’re set to go when spring renewal rolls around! But if you’re older than the socially acceptable age to trick-or-treat (a hard realization for this girl), you need a new venue to debut your look. This Halloween season, WGRD 97.9 has provided!

The 2012 Halloween Hellraiser, taking place on October 27th at the Ah-Nab-Awen Park, promises to be a night of good music, good company, and good fun.
Starting at dusk, the musical feast begins; The Bang Ups (formed in Grand Rapids) and the Fine Fine Titans are responsible for whipping what’s sure to be a huge crowd into a zombie-like frenzy. The pinnacle of the evening’s entertainment is sure to satisfy music lovers all over West Michigan as WGRD brings Dead Sara to the stage, a foursome fronted by two wicked guitar rockers and acclaimed internationally for their hauntingly awesome performances.

The Awesome Mitten (Wgrd Halloween Hellraiser!)
Photo Courtesy of Dead Sara

Even if the music trifecta is past your bedtime, you can still participate in some of the events! The 5K Zombie Dash is happening at 6pm, starting at Ah-Nab-Awen Park and following an intense path fraught with danger and well, zombies, as you race against darkness and a total zombie takeover.

The Awesome Mitten (Wgrd Halloween Hellraiser!)
Photo Courtesy of Wood TV 8

Costs for running the race or just buying the t-shirt can be found here, and the rest of your evening is free! There is an option to purchase a $10 VIP ticket for the concerts, which includes a meet and greet with Dead Sara, a free drink, and a coveted spot close to the stage to rock out as intensely as you want. Buy them here or listen to WGRD for giveaway opportunities.

Whether you decide to run, rock, or both, mark your calendar for October 27th: let’s celebrate this spooky season with style. See you there!
Lyndsay Israel-Feature Writing Zombie

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