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Immerse Yourself in Agricultural History at Wellington Farm USA

It’s one thing to read about history in textbooks or to learn more from a documentary on TV, but the past truly comes to life when you experience it for yourself. At Wellington Farm USA in Roscommon, you can learn more about what life was like for agricultural workers and farmers during the Great Depression by immersing yourself in this living history attraction.

About Wellington Farm USA

Wellington Farm USA is a Crawford County attraction that appeals to people of all ages, from young school children who are just starting to learn about what life was like for their grandparents and great-grandparents to adults who feel a sense of personal connection to the Great Depression. This is a unique living history attraction that has preserved several historic buildings that would have been a central part of any town in the Midwest in the 1930s.

The building that has been on the 60-acre property that longest is the Stittsville Church, but there are several other historical properties that visitors can explore and learn more about through live demonstrations. These include the Annis House, the Animal Barn, the Grist Mill, the Basket Shop, the Broom Shop, the Loom Shop, and more.

In addition to experiencing the demonstrations from historical presenters in the various buildings, visitors to Wellington Farm USA can try their hand at a variety of arts and crafts that were popular during the Great Depression era. Crafters Alley hosts classes throughout the day that are geared to people of all ages. You are sure to enjoy this hands-on experience that is unique to Grayling and the surrounding region.

While historical preservation and storytelling is a priority for the people who run this attraction and museum, there also is a heavy emphasis on environmental protection. Visitors can participate in many environmental education programs that provide information about the importance of caring for the land and preserving natural resources.

Wellington Farm Usa
Wellington Farm USA | photo via @jenrhora

More History to Discover in Grayling

Wellington Farm USA focuses on one pivotal era that was part of America’s past, but your history lesson in Grayling doesn’t have to stop there. After you have finished exploring the farm and experiencing life in the Midwest during the 1930s, you can head into town to visit the Crawford County Historical Society and Museum.

This museum is hard to miss, as it is located in a red historical railroad depot that is situated in the center of town. The depot’s exterior has been restored to its former splendor, while its interior has been redesigned in order to feature a variety of immersive exhibits, such as a one-room schoolhouse and an early 20th century bedroom. On display in the museum are artifacts that represent the early days in Michigan, from Native American crafts and heirlooms to tools and resources used by the pioneers who settled in the state.

Beyond the exhibits that talk about the history of the state, this museum also focuses on Crawford County’s past. This gives both local residents and travelers from outside the area an opportunity to learn more about the community that they are spending time in.

More to Explore in Crawford County

Your historical tour of Roscommon, Grayling, and Crawford County doesn’t have to stop here. Also nearby in Grayling is the W.J. Beal Tree Plantation. This destination offers you a glimpse into the natural history of Michigan, as it may be considered one of the oldest tree plantations in the country. As you explore the plantation, you will discover more than 40 different species of trees, all of which have been protected and preserved for future generations.

Like any school-aged child who has spent a day learning, you will likely be ready for a meal after partaking in several history lessons in this community. For a quick, modern meal, consider driving into Roscommon for a pizza at Matt’s Lake Street Grill and Pizzeria. This casual restaurant has an unassuming atmosphere and an eclectic meal, making it a fine choice for anyone in your travel party.

If you are still interested in immersing yourself in the history of Grayling, then head on over to Grayling Restaurant, which has been serving the community since 1937. This charming restaurant preserves an era gone by when neighbors all met up at the local restaurant for their evening meal. You might want to check out its famous Lumberjack Breakfast, which is served all day.

Wellington Farm Usa
Wellington Farm USA | photo via @friend_d

Where to Stay in Crawford County

With so many great things to explore in Crawford County, you may find yourself wanting to plan a few days in the area. Here are a few of the best places to stay near Wellington Farm USA:

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