Winter  Must-See:  Eben Ice Caves

Eben Ice Caves, located in the central Upper Peninsula is  stunning natural formations are spectacular and a must-see winter thing to do in Michigan.

About the Eben Ice Caves

These are the Eben Ice Caves, which are named such because of their proximity to Eben Junction. The ice walls can stand up to 50 feet high, and the sandstone and cedar trees nearby contribute to the yellow hue of the ice.

Exploring the Eben Ice Caves

it’s easy to spend 20 or 30 minutes looking around. Usually, there’s enough room to get behind the icy stalactites, which is a cool point of view for photos. You can climb up the curtains of ice and stand above the caves as well.

Practical Tips for Visiting Rock River Canyon Ice Caves

Be sure to dress warmly! Invest in some ice cleats. Be sure to plan enough time to take it slow. Use extreme caution.

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Things to Do Near the Eben Ice Caves

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