Best Places to Enjoy U-Pick Fruit This Summer in Michigan

Rowe’s Produce Farm

Located in Ypsilanti, Rowe’s Produce Farm is one of the largest U-pick strawberry farms in the state. It specializes in strawberries, so it attracts visitors from not only Southeast Michigan but also across the entire state.

AJ’s Berry Farm

In Northern Michigan, one of the best places to go strawberry picking is AJ’s Berry Farm, which is located in Lachine. At this farm, there’s an organized system that guarantees success for those who visit.

Lehman’s Orchard

Established in 1929, Lehman’s Orchard has offered strawberry picking for decades. It’s located in Niles, and people come from all over West Michigan and Mid-Michigan to pick sweet strawberries.

Rondeau’s Ruff Acres

For the freshest blueberries in the Upper Peninsula, the best place to go is Rondeau’s Ruff Acres. This berry farm offers U-pick blueberries later than farms in the Lower Peninsula. So, you can go fruit picking in July, August, and sometimes even September!

Blueberry Lane Farms

In Mid-Michigan, Blueberry Lane Farms has long been considered the best place to get the most delicious blueberries in the summer. This farm exclusively grows blueberries, and typically opens for the summer season on July 1.

Hiawatha National Forest

Hiawatha National Forest is a haven for wild blueberries, with many blueberry patches growing underneath pine trees and in open areas where controlled burns have taken place.

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