6 Great Hikes in Traverse City For The Whole Family

Empire Bluff Trail

This hike itself is relatively short (less than two miles round trip) and easy (no steep climbs).  It’s a great choice for kids.

The Pyramid Point trail is about a mile and a half hike up to the scenic overlook point. It’s another family-friendly trail.

Pyramid Point

It’s a beautiful hike with a gradual ascent through big hardwood trees. It leads up to a viewing platform overlooking Lake Michigan that sits atop a 300 foot bluff.

Whaleback Natural Area

Veronica Valley Park is maintained by Leelanau County.

Veronica Valley Park

It was previously a nine hole golf course that has been converted into trails and fishing ponds.

The DeYoung Natural Area is another of the natural areas preserved and maintained by the Leelanau Conservancy.

DeYoung Natural Area

It’s not just the fresh air and beautiful surroundings that thrill and inspire, but also the sense of discovery that comes from exploring nature’s wonder.

Hickory Traverse City’s Fairy TrailsCorners

Looking to take in the great outdoors on your next trip Up North?  Consider a Traverse City hike.