The Other Side: Living on Mackinac Island

Living and working on Mackinac Island appears to be quite the adventure. Cars, big box stores, and movie theaters are all left behind for several months while workers take the ferry over to their summer home.

Stephanie has been living and working on the island for the past 6 summers. During the trip, I got to discover and learn more about what life is like on the island for those that call it “home” instead of “vacation.”

Questions about Living on Mackinac Island

Q: What is the best part of living on the island?

A: Seeing the beauty of the island every day. Coming down the hill in the morning and seeing the kites fluttering over Windermere Point, my view at work, or the Grand lit up at night.

Q: Do you ever get homesick?

A: Summer time in Michigan is my home to me. Campfires, road trips, beaches…but yes I do wish I had more time to spend with  my family.

Q: Favorite meal at the Carriage House?

A: I could never pick a favorite dish at the Carriage House because everything is delicious.

Q: Best place on the island to relax and reflect?

A: So many relaxing places on the island. One of my favorites is close to my work, which makes is convenient when I’m on break.

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