The Best Pasty Shops in Michigan

If you’re looking for a true taste of Upper Peninsula cuisine, the pasty is a delicacy you absolutely must try.

The Hut Inn

For many residents and visitors of Copper Country, this is one of the absolute best pasty shops in Michigan. 

Connie’s Kitchen

Connie’s also offers large and small takeout orders, so if you’re planning a get-together or a reunion, you can make homemade pasties the star of the show.

Kaleva Cafe

You can get a pasty with a mix of meat, carrots, rutabagas, and potatoes. It’s served with coleslaw, and you can finish your trip there with dessert.

If you’ve never had a pasty before but are dying to try one, Toni’s is a place where you can get a true taste of the Upper Peninsula.

Toni’s Country Kitchen

Open all day, every day, Syl’s offers traditional Cornish pasties. You can get them with and without coleslaw, and mini pasties are on the menu too.

Syl’s Cafe

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