10 Awesome Things to Do Inside When It’s Cold

For those snowy days when it’s too stormy even to walk to the mailbox, I’ve compiled a list of awesome inside fun-tivities to keep your mind and body both happy and busy during the winter months.

There are few pleasures greater than snuggling up with a blanket inside your warm house, some snacks, and the guaranteed satisfaction that comes with no commercials or scheduling conflicts, and uninterrupted, hours-long blocks of your favorite movie or tv shows.

Movie Marathon

Hit the Books

Venture to a section you’ve never perused; set up shop at an empty desk overlooking a snowy landscape and finish some homework, or simply observe and meditate.


Yoga poses reduce stress, increase flexibility, and improve endurance. Hot yoga is great option if you’re in dire need of a break from the cold (and don’t mind sweating an obscene amount!).

Play Games

Games are some of the best remedies for less than agreeable weather or being stuck inside. 

Drink and Be Merry

Stay warm sharing stories with a bottle of Michigan wine or locally roasted espresso.

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