Take a Pictured Rocks Waterfall Tour This Summer

Near Munising, the Pictured Rocks waterfalls are among the most beautiful and abundant found anywhere in the country.

Chapel Falls

One of the unique things about Chapel Falls is that you can walk over, around, and behind it for multiple excellent views.

Chipmunk Falls

The main Chipmunk Falls isn’t the only attraction here, though. If you continue walking along the gorge, you’ll come across Upper Chipmunk Falls too.

Cole Creek Falls

Cole Creek Falls is a pretty and rather obscure cascade-type waterfall on Cole Creek in Au Train Township. It has a total drop of about 10 feet.

Horseshoe Falls is actually on private property, the grounds are well maintained, and the walk to the falls is easy on a very safe path.

Horseshoe Falls

It’s the smallest of the named Pictured Rocks waterfalls, but the hike is very pretty, especially when the spring wildflowers are in bloom. Not far away is Spectacle Falls, which is a cascade-type of waterfall.

Mosquito Falls & Spectacle Falls

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