5 Must-Stop Towns along Michigan's M22  Scenic Drive

Where does M-22 start and end?

The M22 Michigan scenic drive begins in Manistee and winds along the shores of Lake Michigan around the northwest corner of the state. It ends in Traverse City.

Manistee on M22 Michigan

Manistee is the starting point of the M-22 highway and is an ideal place to begin your road trip along the scenic drive. Located in the southwest corner of Manistee County and near the shores of Lake Michigan, the quintessential Up North town of Manistee has plenty to see and do.

Arcadia M-22 Scenic Drive

As you continue north, your final stop in Manistee County on the M22 Michigan scenic drive is Arcadia. This tiny town is a dream come true for anyone who loves to spend time on the water because it boasts miles of beaches filled with soft sand.

Elberta M-22 Scenic Drive

For a taste of what a quiet life in Northern Michigan might be like, stop at the tiny village of Elberta, which is home to only a little more than 325 residents. In this sleepy town, you’ll find the perfect lakeside escape.

M22 Frankfort Scenic Drive

To the north of Betsie Lake and Betsie Bay on the M22 Michigan scenic drive is the town of Frankfort, which is known for its charming atmosphere, sandy dunes, and picture-perfect beaches. If you want to stay awhile, you could rent a Victorian cottage that has stood for more than a century.

M22 Glen Arbor Scenic Drive

After immersing yourself in the majestic wilds of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, continue your road trip north along the winding M22 Michigan scenic drive. The next town along the way is Glen Arbor, a welcome respite from the rugged outdoor experiences on the dunes.

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