5 Lighthouses in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Visit

Isle Royale Light Station

Isle Royale Light Station was constructed in 1875 on the remote Menagerie Island, which is situated off the coast of the much-larger Isle Royale. While keepers operated this light for several decades, it was automated in 1914.

Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse is considered a defining structure in the community, and it has been guiding those in the area for nearly two centuries. While a lighthouse has been located at this spot since 1853, this structure was built in 1866.

Martin Reef Light Station

Martin Reef Light Station was built in the early 20th century to warn vessels about the shallow, rocky waters of the Martin Reef. The U.S. Coast Guard owns the light, and the tower is closed to the public.

Crisp Point Lighthouse

Constantly threatened by erosion from the lively waters of Lake Superior, this lighthouse is a sight to behold. Self-guided tours are available seasonally, and the lighthouse grounds are typically open from May until October.

Ontonagon Lighthouse

The Ontonagon Lighthouse is famous for being one of the oldest standing lighthouses on the Keweenaw Peninsula. It was maintained and operated by lightkeepers for nearly a century before being automated.

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