Interesting Things About Canyon Falls

The Upper Peninsula is a favorite destination for those who love the outdoors. one of the most popular is Canyon Falls Michigan.

Michigan’s Grand Canyon

The main trail is at the bottom of the gorge, but there are natural steps at several points where you can climb to the top.

The River & Falls

The river and falls are fast-moving, but don’t be put off by the brown color. The tannin from the marshland trees causes the root beer color, but the water is clean.

More Waterfalls

If you have swimming in mind, a quiet spot at the second waterfall has a lovely pool that welcomes you.

No matter the time of year, Canyon Falls is a beautiful destination in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

A Year-Round Waterfall in Michigan

Canyon Falls is located about 15 miles south of L’Anse on US-41 in Baraga County Michigan. A well-marked trail follows the river past some smaller falls before getting to the box-like gorge and Canyon Falls.

Information About & Location of Canyon Falls

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