Exploring the Heidelberg Project in Detroit

Most of the art displayed come from recycled pieces of local Detroit goods, such as stuffed animals, couches, and street signs. The works of art are designed to tell a story regarding specific issues in Detroit’s society.

About the Heidelberg Project in Detroit

The Heidelberg Project has been using art to promote conversation, improve the community, provide hope and inspiration.

Why the Heidelberg Project was Started

Being able to walk through the community that the Heidelberg Project has constructed gives children an opportunity to see what their neighborhoods have the potential to become.

What’s at the Heidelberg Project?

The Heidelberg Project puts on events year-round for everyone to enjoy. These include the Detroit Design Festival, the Detroit Arts Immersion, and the Medley of Unorganized Beauty.

The Heidelberg Project in Detroit Beautifies Trash

Guyton’s concept is to not only take nothing and create it into something very beautiful and whimsical, but also to ultimately get people to the point where they are interested about art.

Street Art in Detroit

The Heidelberg Project takes the term “street art” to another level with over two blocks of the street overflowing with odds and ends.

The Heidelberg Project is helping Detroit reinvent itself in hopes of becoming a safe, productive, and colorful city once again.

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