Awesome Mitten’s ULTIMATE Guide to Drummond Island MI

How to Get to Drummond Island

You just take M-134 to DeTour Village on the east coast of the UP, hop on (with your car) one of the Eastern Upper Peninsula Transportation Authority (EUPTA) ferries: the SS Drummond Islander, the SS Drummond Islander III, or the SS Drummond Islander IV, and you’re there.

Things to Do on Drummond Island

Drummond Island is known for being a relaxing destination that is preferred among those who love to embark on outdoor adventures. The locals say that the island operates on “Island Time,” so you should expect to be flexible and agile when planning your Drummond Island trip.

Visit the Drummond Island Fossil Ledges

Formed over thousands of years, the ledges are comprised of the fossilized remains of a former saltwater coral reef. It’s one of the most unique natural spots not only on the island but also throughout the entire state of Michigan.

Search and Shop for Drummond Island Puddingstones

With a cream facade and speckles of bright red on the face of the rocks, these are some of the most breathtaking stones in northern Michigan.

Fish for Smelt, Perch, and More

Not only is Drummond Island surrounded by the cool, refreshing waters of Lake Huron, but there also are hundreds of island lakes located on the island, making it one of the best places for fishing throughout the entire year.

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