25 Stunning Fall Scenic Overlooks in Michigan

Copper Peak Adventure Ride

You get to enjoy an 800-foot chairlift ride, an 18-story elevator ride to the main observation platform, an 8-story walk to the top of the ski jump starting gate, and stunning views of the colorful landscape below.

Lake of the Clouds Overlook

You can reach the fully accessible overlook via the Escarpment Trail and Big Carp River Trail. From there, the view of blue water surrounded by colorful trees is breathtaking.

Sugarloaf Mountain Observation Decks

The hike up to the Sugarloaf Mountain observation decks is particularly stunning.

Cut River Bridge Overlook

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

There are several trailheads leading to the falls from various directions. One of them leads directly to the base of the waterfall where it cascades down over rocks and boulders, creating a stunning fall scene.

Foote Pond Scenic Overlook

A paved access road from the River Road National Scenic Byway leads to a parking area and barrier-free pathway to the wood deck.

Lumberman’s Monument

Along with beautiful views of the fall foliage and Au Sable River, you can explore the visitor center at the 14-foot monument.

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Southeast Michigan’s Stunning Scenic Overlooks