Do You Know The Michigan State Symbols?

Find a list of some of the more obscure Michigan state symbols and you can learn a little Michigan history, too.

Michigan State Fossil: Mastodon

The most intact trail of footprints was uncovered near Ann Arbor and remains have been found in over 250 locations all over the state!

Michigan State Reptile: Painted Turtle

Officially recognized as the Michigan state reptile in 1995, the painted turtle has yellow and red markings and is the only turtle still commonly found throughout the state.

Michigan State Wildflower: Dwarf Lake Iris

Did you know that Michigan doesn’t just have one state flower? In 1998, the dwarf lake iris became the official state wildflower.

Created by pharmacist James Vernor in Detroit, Vernors is a highly carbonated ginger-ale pop and was sold exclusively in Detroit for several years after its creation.

Michigan State Beverage: Vernors

In 1998, Michigan declared The Legend of Sleeping Bear the official state book after it became the top-selling children’s book that year.

Michigan State Children’s Book: The Legend of Sleeping Bear

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