5 Underrated Michigan Lighthouses

Big Bay Point Lighthouse and B&B

If you only have a day, make a quick trip to see the beautiful view overlooking Lake Superior. If you have time for a longer stay at the B&B, the breakfast is to die for… or at least that’s what the lightkeeper’s ghost might tell you!

Tawas Point Lighthouse

If you close your eyes and picture a Michigan lighthouse, the Tawas Point Lighthouse might just be the one that pops into your head: A perfect destination surrounded by sandy beaches and offering scenic views of Michigan.

Old Mackinac Point Light

The 50-foot, Cream City brick tower was built in 1892 and was deactivated in 1957. For decades it served as an important beacon for ships trying to navigate through the Straits of Mackinac.

Middle Island Light

Middle Island Light, which is situated on Middle Island, about 10 miles north of Alpena. The light is a three-piece structure made of the actual light, a double keeper’s house, and a fog signal.

Crisp Point

Located to the west of Whitefish Point, Crisp Point is the site of one of five U.S. Life-Saving Service Stations on Lake Superior. The light sits along a stretch known as Shipwreck Coast; a stretch where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in 1975.

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