5 Overlooked Small Towns in Northern Michigan

Hubbard Lake

This small unincorporated community in Alcona County has grown around the shores of Hubbard Lake, proving to be one of the most welcoming places with more and more tourists discovering its charm each year.


Cheboygan is beloved by those who enjoy fishing and kayaking along the calm waters. The Cheboygan Crib Light stands watch over the straits, making it one of the most iconic attractions in the city.


While other lakefront towns are overrun with tourists and packed with crowds, Harrisville slips under the radar with its quiet charm and relaxed pace.

Tawas City

Tucked away on Tawas Bay, you will find the coastal community of Tawas City, which invites visitors to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing getaway.


Gaylord may be a tiny community tucked away in the woods of Northeast Michigan, but it’s home to an astounding number of inland lakes — more than 90!

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