The 12 Dates of Christmas: Michigan Edition

The best part about celebrating the 12 dates of Christmas is that they can be completed anywhere in the great state of Michigan.

Even if you don’t believe in the big guy (c’mon now), the arrival of Santa Claus often coincides with many other great events. Town Christmas tree lighting, carolers, and sleigh rides with free hot chocolate are Santa’s frequent companions.

Santa Claus’ Arrival

Christmas Shopping

Michigan is well-known for its fabulous wines and everyone wants some for Christmas. Wine tasting is exceptionally delightful in the winter, as the tasting rooms are far less crowded.

Beer and Hymns

Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City hosts a ‘Beers and Hymns’ event every December. They partner with a local church to come in and lead a group of folks in traditional Christmas songs while they casually sip on some craft brews.

Holiday Baking

Beautifully decorated sugar cookies, heartily seasoned Chex Mix, and my family’s ancient recipes make me feel a little more enthusiastic.

Christmas Themed Dinner

Restaurants all across our fabulous state have been embracing local and fresh fare for years. They do not back down in the slightest during the Christmas season.

Christmas Hike

As the tourists and crowds die out during the winter months, it is time to revisit these hikes. You never know if the snow will be here or not in December, but that’s part of the adventure.

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