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Warm Yourself At The Firehouse Pottery Studio

If outdoor activities are not your thing, the Michigan winter is the perfect time for families to find something different to do inside. The Firehouse Pottery Studio in downtown Marshall certainly offers that, with a range of activities for all ages and, as they say on their website, you don’t have to be an artist.

Photo from Firehouse Pottery Studio.
Photo from Firehouse Pottery Studio.

The studio at 109 East Michigan Avenue has a huge selection of pre-made pottery for painting and glazing. Everything from dinnerware to tiles, vases, and ornaments are available, including seasonal and holiday items. If you are feeling inspired, you can design, mold and paint your own creation. Studio staff will then carefully coat your piece in a clear glaze before firing it in the studio’s kiln. Most pieces are ready for pickup at the store in 7-10 days.

The studio also specializes in fused glass art, in which small pieces of glass are laid in a mosaic before being glazed and fired to create wall-hangings, trivets or anything else you can think of. This is an easy and fun activity ideal for children of all ages!

In addition to their walk-in hours, when studio staff are available to assist with the design or selection of your piece, Firehouse Pottery Studio also caters for parties, and hosts event nights and camps throughout the year. For birthday parties, you can choose from a pottery painting party from $15 per person with a minimum of six, or a fused glass party from $20. In either case, they will create a special commemorative plate for the guest of honor, and have all the guests sign the back as a memento of your special day.

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on several Friday nights throughout the year, the studio plays host to Pizza and Mud Nights, at which participants work together on a specific project. The cost varies from one project to the next, but includes your completed piece and pizza from Mancino’s Restaurant.

pumpkins thumbnail Warm Yourself At The Firehouse Pottery Studio
Photo from Firehouse Pottery Studio.

One of the most popular seasonal items of the year are the Halloween specialty pumpkins. Due to their popularity, it is best to order well in advance of the August 31 deadline to guarantee delivery in time for Halloween. The pottery pumpkins include a lighting kit and a pre-ordered name in their spooky smile, all for less than $50. You can either paint them yourself, or have then painted for you for an additional $20. The finished product can be shipped anywhere in the United States as a fun gift for distant family or friends.

Photo from Firehouse Pottery Studio.
Photo from Firehouse Pottery Studio.

Another popular item, especially for newer parents, is the custom hand- or foot-print plate or tile. Made in the same way as other pottery or fused glass creations, this is a perfect to immortalize your child’s tiny hands or feet in a cherished piece that you can display for years to come.

Check out their website, or drop by the studio and let the friendly staff get your started on your first creation!

Anthony Rodgers – Feature Writer

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