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Vote for Anna to Help Revitalize Detroit

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Anna on the Detroit Riverfront

Each year since 2011, Challenge Detroit has given 30 people, from Detroit and around the country and the world, a once in a lifetime chance to dig deeply into the roadblocks that keep the city from moving forward and to transform the city. This year, I want to be one of those people, and I need your support.

Challenge Detroit lets you talk about the real problems facing Detroit, and empowers you to take action to make the city a better place. I see great opportunity for Detroit to grow in how it is presented in the media. Photos of the train station with sun streaming bleakly through do nothing for me. I’m interested in digging deeper and getting more personal.

This is the fun part.

Image via MLive.com
Image Via MLive.com
Detroit’s PR Problem Incarnate

I want to create a storybank of real stories of real people who are living and making a difference. There are stories that present an entirely new and changing portrait of a city that is evolving every single day, and those are the ones I want to capture. These stories put together will paint a more clear, complex and accurate portrayal of what it is like to call Detroit home.

So, if you want Detroit’s story told as much as I do, please take a moment to watch my video and vote for me. It’s easy, quick and it will have a lasting impact on myself and on the city. Voting is open until April 13th!

Much Love,

Anna Schroen


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