The Awesome Mitten Team Dons Ugly Holidays Sweaters to Wish You a Happy Holiday

The Awesome Mitten Team Dons Ugly Holidays Sweaters to Wish You a Happy Holiday

The holiday season is in full swing! Sometimes, crazy, busy schedules of holiday work parties, Secret Santa gift exchanges, awkward encounters with long-lost relatives (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, I’m lookin’ at you), absurdly long checkout lines, and mall traffic overshadow the greatness of a time meant to celebrate loved ones and the joy of giving.

We at The Awesome Mitten would like to reflect on all the joyful, goofy times the holiday season can bring. It just so happens to be one of my personal favorite photo opportunities, too — ugly holiday sweaters. Take a look at our staffers in all of their ugly sweater glory.

Joel Heckaman

“Here are Zoe (my daughter) and myself in our best Xmas sweaters!”
“I have always been a HUGE fan of sweaters (I honestly can’t tell you how many dozen I have), and Zoe has warmed up to them (and in them!) since falling in love with the show Gravity Falls. One of the main characters, Mabel (voiced by Kristen Schaal), is notoriously quirky, a little boy crazy, and also coincidentally the same age as Zoe. Best of all, Mable wears sweaters with a different pattern or graphic in each episode. We haven’t uncovered any supernatural conspiracies, adopted a pet pig, or found ourselves in need of a grappling hook, but at least we can still share our love for staying warm and comfy in style all winter!”

Cailin Ashbaugh

“Now before you say anything, I know a fox with what looks like a human leg in its mouth isn’t exactly, ‘Ra, ra, holiday time!’ But this was a Christmas gift from my mother, and when I opened it and asked what was in the fox’s mouth, she said,’I didn’t even notice that.’ So here is to not noticing things and happy holidays!”

 Gabe Aikins

 “While I do love the winter months and holidays, my heart resides in the spooky corners of October. With Halloween always on my mind, my favorite holiday sweater of course features one of the most iconic characters and franchises in horror movie history: Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.”

Rebecca Calkins


“I like this sweater because I get to be the elf! I have a lot of Christmas Spirit! Plus it jingle jangles so everyone knows when I’m coming!”

Amber Ainsworth


“I love this sweater because I love penguins and had to buy it spur-of-the-moment when I saw it. My dog’s sweater is the best because she hated it when I bought it, but now she can’t stand being without it.”

Michele Eichstead


“I love it because it is part of my aunt’s collection. For as long as I can remember, my aunt has had a wide variety of Christmas sweaters that she rotates through the holiday season. However, this one is my favorite because of the angel and glitter, of course!”

Lindsay Syswerda


“Anyone who knows me well knows I’m an animal lover – especially cats. What could be more festive than a Christmas cat sweater?!? Happy holidays to all and their furry friends!”

Jennifer Orlando


“We’re friends now, so I’ll share this with you. I’ve never been an ugly Christmas sweater fan. I’d rather just have a regular ol’ sweater or wear something sparkly this time of year. So how did I get here? Pointing at an ugly sweater I just professed I didn’t like? Simple, I bought one a half hour ago because I told the editors at AM I would participate! I try to keep good on my word. Also, this is one of my last chance to be on AM for a while, s0 I’m taking some time off from writing for the site to pursue my master’s degree. So, I wanted to make this ugly sweater thing work. Even if it meant going to three separate stores before finally spotting this gem in a size 7/8 in the kids section (Yeah, this thing isn’t made for 28-year-olds). Is this sweater perfect? Nope! One of the poor penguin’s googly eyes fell off! But does it have personality and charm? Uhh, yeah! And that, I think, is the whole point to this ugly sweater thing. Right?”

Vaughn Springer


“I have two sweaters that I regularly wear, year round. My green one was $10 at Menards and is, still to-this-date, my favorite purchase. The other one is my regular year round.”

Jennifer Symons


“This is my favorite ugly sweater because I received it as a gift from a wonderful aunt who believes this is a regular sweater that I would wear. I am hoping that I start receiving clothing from her on a regular basis because this is a hoot!”

Margaret Clegg


“Jasmine and I wish you Season’s Greetings! A friend of mine gave me this sweater a few years ago. I needed green attire for a Christmas concert, and she had this in her wardrobe. She graciously let me keep it. I feel it reflects my personality: simple, yet successful, due to the support of my friends.”

Janelle Whiting


“Here’s me, my husband, and my dog Ruby. I love this sweater because it has horribly knitted nutcracker on it with real decorative fringe.”

Kristen Guilbert


“I picked up this sweater at the thrift store a few years ago and it has been my favorite Christmas sweater ever since. Although it’s not flashy or cheesy like a lot of other fun Christmas sweaters, it’s super warm and cute and I can even wear it after Christmas!”

Sarah Spohn


“While the award-winning ugly sweater goes to my cousin in the center, our family is always quick to take an awkward family photo. We’re a buncha hams. Believe it or not, the sweater was found at Salvation Army and has an iron-on-patch for every holiday. Diamond in the rough — you bet, dude. Best $3.99 I’ve ever spent!”

That does it for us, here at The Awesome Mitten! We wish you plenty of joy, laughter, and good times spent with friends and family at the most wonderful time of the year.

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