twin pints logo Twin Pints Brewing Cooperative Aims to Bring New Life to the Lansing Beer Scene

Twin Pints Brewing Cooperative Aims to Bring New Life to the Lansing Beer Scene

Michigan boasts some of the finest craft breweries in the country—it’s no wonder so many Michiganders are anxious to get in on the hoppy action.

Homebrewing has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, celebrated by ale aficionados and first-time brewers alike. Intrigued by the idea, and having spent the last few months watching a housemate whip up his own delicious and inventive brews, I spent some time talking to him about the new trend and its implications on the local beer scene.

Ted Linabury is a Mechanical Engineering senior at Michigan State University with a passion for innovation and good beer. He’s one of the founding members of Twin Pints Brewery Cooperative, a Lansing-area collective of homebrewers. The group was conceived in 2012, with the goal of making home brewing easy, social and accessible by engaging craft beer drinkers and homebrewers in the Lansing area. The group “wanted to collaborate over something that brings everyone together: craft beer.”

The impetus behind the co-op was to provide would-be brewers the means to sell and tap their own beers; members would be provided access to brewing equipment (most of which would be stretching the budget of any aspiring young brewer), as well as an opportunity to brew with other like-minded beer-lovers. In addition to an equipment share, the group aims to focus on education, teaching the basics to newcomers and expanding the local craft beer conversation in the process.

With an organization like Twin Pints in place, the thriving craft beer scene can take on a whole new dimension—what better way for a beer lover to scale new heights of brew glory than to explore the brewing process itself?

Twin Pints won second place at the 2012 Broad Business Pitch Competition as well as the people’s choice award, garnering a prize of $3000 for starting funds. The ultimate goal of the group is to buy a physical space to house its own nanobrewery, tapping and selling the collective’s creations.

Ted treated myself and the rest of our house to a tasty brown ale in the beginning of the fall, and later tried his hand at a festive “peppermint mocha stout.” I, for one, would love to see these beers become a mainstay at my local watering hole!

The co-op is open to all levels of experience, from the veteran brewer to the uninformed but curious beginner. Interested in learning more about Twin Pints Cooperative? Contact, check out, or find the group on Facebook at

Photo courtesy of Twin Pints
Photo courtesy of Twin Pints

– By Bridget Waldron, Contributing Writer

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