TweetUpKzoo feat. Social Media Entrepreneurism with @AwesomeMitten

What will be featured?

Social Media Entrepreneurism

The coolest thing someone could ever do is find a need and be committed to fulfilling it with what little you have – some call it the entrepreneurial spirit. Alex Beaton reflects these qualities and more especially with Awesome Mitten, an initiative that began with social media to highlight all things awesome in Michigan hence “The Mitten.” Alex will share with us on her early beginnings with Awesome Mitten on social media and how it reached its success today!

About Alex Beaton

Alex Beaton is the founder of The Awesome Mitten, a website which launched the campaign “365 Days of Awesome” on June 6th, 2011. The campaign features one “awesome” person, place, event, business, band, etc from throughout Michigan every day. The Awesome Mitten used social media to build the brand beginning a full six months before the website launch, and attributes most of its success to social media.
Alex graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in political science, before moving to Nashville, TN to work for a project management firm. It was during a summer visit back to her hometown of Traverse City, that she realized how much she missed the Mitten; she moved back a month later and has worked in digital marketing field ever since.

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What is a Tweetup?

The Tweetup is when the digital turns into face-to-face, 140 characters into a meaningful conversation, a recognizable position on a blog into an ability to listen. Tweetup Kalamazoo is held every third Friday of the month.

Where will it be?

The wonderful awesome Wine Loft in downtown Kalamazoo. It’s hooked up with Wi-Fi so you can bring your laptops if you would like and there’s A/V so we’ll do a live stream of tweets with the hash tag #tweetupkzoo. The private loft has been reserved.

If you have any other questions, tweet or DM @tweetupkzoo or founder @SarahLWLee.

This event proudly hosted by:

Exclusive TweetUp Kalamazoo food and drinks specials will be available – make sure to check it out! Cash bar is also available.

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