#Tweetea feat. Scott Meyer, bro-founder of 9 Clouds

Scott Meyer is the bro-founder of 9 Clouds, a digital education firm that improves the digital literacy of businesses and individuals. A frequent speaker and professor, Scott has taught around the world helping businesses and organizations of all sizes find effective digital solutions for their specific markets, from local hamburger shops in South Dakota to the European Union. He writes on using technology to live and work effectively from anywhere in the world at 9clouds.com/blog and is on mission to work from every continent by the time he’s 35. You can guess how many years from now that is.


“Digital Literacy or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Midwest”

Living between the coasts in the Midwest presents unique challenges for marketers, businesses and those of us trying to stay sane in the winter. With improved digital literacy, Midwesterners are poised for success online with small town values and an understanding of how the majority of people actually use technology. In this energetic and interactive talk, Scott will draw on experiences traveling and working with businesses of all skill levels from hamburger shops to the European Union to teach you how to live anywhere, (including the Midwest), and work everywhere.

You’ll learn:
1. What you need to know online
2. How to reach rural areas and audiences uncomfortable with technology
3. How to travel hack your way to any country in the world
4. How to live and work anywhere in the world without your mom (or customers) knowing

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