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Trivia Night in Grand Rapids

he Awesome Mitten- Trivia Night in Grand Rapids
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How do you know if pub trivia is something you would enjoy? It’s actually pretty simple. Do you know a few things? Probably. Do you like going out with friends for a couple drinks and some good grub? Most likely. Well, you would probably have as much fun at a local trivia night as I’ve been having these past few months at Stella’s Lounge in Grand Rapids (which is a lot of fun)! Oh, did I mention that most trivia nights also hand out prizesif you place in a round? There are prizes involved that can pay for your night of good food and drinks!

Admittedly, when I was younger, I was totally the geeky kid that finished dinner quickly so I could catch that evening’s episode of Jeopardy! before the final round. That said, I really believe that trivia can be fun for anyone, even if you weren’t that geeky kid that collected Trivial Pursuit expansion packs. Especially when the trivia  in question is with your friends at one of your favorite bars. Here in Grand Rapids, there are tons of opportunities to get dressed up for a night on the town with team trivia almost every night of the week! Here are some of my favorites:

The Awesome Mitten- Trivia Night in Grand Rapids
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Mondays-McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon has team trivia on Monday nights that resembles the setup of Stella’s and provides an equally delicious atmosphere. Try the BBQ nachos to fuel your mind as you contemplate the answers to the varied trivia questions! They have a full bar and often have some great music.

Tuesdays- Peppino’s Sports Grille hosts team trivia on Tuesday nights at 9pm boasting gift card prizes for the top three winning teams each week and some great food and drink specials! If you’re lucky trivia might even line up with one of your favorite sports teams playing.

Wednesdays-The Mitten Brewing Co. also hosts team trivia on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. If you aren’t tired of pizza from last night’s trivia at Peppino’s, The Mitten Brewing Co.’s pizza is to die for! They also have a  pretty impressive tap list to help wash that pizza down.

The Awesome Mitten- Trivia Night in Grand Rapids
Photo Courtesy of The Mitten Brewing Co.

Thursdays-“Twisted Trivia” at Stella’s Lounge is one of my personal favorites. I’ve been going there on Thursday nights with a group of friends for a few months now and we’ve probably racked up over a hundred dollars in gift card winnings. Even if you don’t win anything, trivia night is the perfect excuse to finally try one of those famous Stella’s burgers (named best burger in America by GQ and best in Grand Rapids by Grand Rapids Magazine and On the Town) and some Michigan-made brews. It seems to me that it’s really the food and the people that make a place worth going to, and Stella’s really has it all when it comes to those two categories. DJ Kermit is the host of Twisted Trivia at Stella’s and he boasts a genuine love for people and music. This is completely evident when he DJ’s for trivia night, and he makes the game interesting with things like a few bonus points if you hit the dance floor during the music round.

If trivia night sounds like fun but you don’t live in Grand Rapids you can also visit Team Trivia Michigan’s website to find locations closer to home. Wherever you decide to go, trivia night will surely make for an enjoyable evening-you might even become a regular!

Have you ever played trivia at a local bar or restaurant? What are some of your favorite places? What is the strangest trivia question you’ve had to answer?

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