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A Tourist in My Own Town

Robert Adams and Jaffe Davis recognized a need in Northern Michigan for locals to be able to enjoy all the fine dining and lodging that is available. From this need, A Tourist in My Own Town was created. This is a $60 membership card that allows individuals with proof of residency in Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, or Leelanau county to receive discounts at various local hotels and restaurants.

Photo Courtesy of A Tourist in My Own Town
Photo Courtesy of A Tourist in My Own Town

Both Adams and Davis live in Northern Michigan and are completely immersed with this project. They are passionate about giving locals the opportunity to actually experience the great places in their own towns. Tourists overwhelm our area during the summer months, which is why a membership card for A Tourist in My Own Town is absolutely perfect for locals. This season’s card can be used October 6, 2013 through May 20, 2014, and most affiliates offer discounts on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

So far, approximately 60 membership cards have been sold and the overall feedback has been very positive, Davis discussed. I was personally curious about how well the many lodging options were doing, considering this is a card for locals, as in, individuals who already live in the area. However, my skepticisms were quickly cast aside when Davis reminded me of how fun stay-cations can be. Individuals who are busy with work, school, and life in general do not always have the time to get away on a vacation. However, a few nights away from home at a luxurious hotel could be just the getaway people are looking for.

Photo Courtesy of A Tourist in My Own Town
Photo Courtesy of A Tourist in My Own Town

Some delectable food options include 25% off food and drinks at the Towne Plaza, 25% off food and drinks at The Workshop, and 25% off at The Filling Station. These three establishments offer this discount Sunday through Tuesday. Some lodging options include The Leland Lodge (25% off food, drinks, and room rates on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and Chateau Chantel (50% off room rates Sunday through Thursday). A full list of affiliates and the discounts offered can be seen on A Tourist in My Own Town’s website.

Adams and Davis are always looking for more affiliates to participate in this venture. “The more, the merrier!” Davis said while mentioning that there would not be a cap on the number of affiliates that could participate. The future of A Tourist in My Own Town is very open. Considering this is such a new venture, Adams and Davis want to see how this first year goes before getting ahead of themselves. Of course, growth would be great, with the intention of creating a franchise in many other cities and towns.

This membership card is mutually beneficial for local consumers and industry owners. It allows individuals to experience these businesses at a discounted rate and brings customers to restaurants and hotels during the slower season. Check out their website to get the full list of affiliates and stay up to date with newly added ones. Also, be sure to like them on Facebook where they post about a lot of fun upcoming events!

Will you purchase A Tourist in My Own Town Membership card? Where do you think you would use it most?

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