Thrifty in Metro Detroit

Thrifty in Metro Detroit

I am new to the Metro Detroit area, and already I’m finding it to be a fantastical place.  I honestly get lost at least once a week.  At first this was incredibly frustrating, but now it is an adventure in the undiscovered (by me).  Recently in my adventures, or misadventures, I have been looking for places to score some great Halloween costume pieces. I went digging, and this sprinkling of thrift stores in the Metro Detroit came up with some excellent finds. Perhaps they are considerations  for next Halloween, but I promise they are exciting no matter the time of year. Thrift shopping is admittedly an overwhelming process at Salvation Army or Goodwill or St. Vincent’s. Not to discount how great those places can be (and the really great stuff I’ve gotten there), but thrift shops are a great place to find unique pieces and be stylish on a budget!

Photos courtesy Joanna Dueweke

Regeneration: New & Used Clothing

Two Locations:
23700 Woodward Avenue,
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069-1130
Phone: (248) 414-7440

126 E. 14 Mile Road
Clawson, Michigan 48017
Phone: (248) 589-0500

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For Halloween: They have a section specifically for Halloween stuff!  Having trouble deciding what to be?  There are amazing inspiration pieces along with full costumes just waiting as soon as you walk in the Pleasant Ridge location.  Can’t find it in those racks?  They have oodles and oodles of vintage clothes to choose from and shoes with purpose.

For the whole year:  The staff was super stylish and super nice! They weren’t particularly pushy, really just there to help customers find what they need and kept the racks in order.  Speaking of racks… Wow!  Regeneration has tons of everything, but tons of good stuff.  The men’s section is one of the largest I’ve seen with shoes, unique ties, vintage and modern styles.  The women’s section is expansive.  They have tons of shoes, boots, high heels, purses, sections of different clothing (dresses, vintage, career, juniors–even a plus size section) and a jewelry case full of ornate or simple accessories for all styles.  Prices tags are extremely reasonable for Halloween and everyday items.  I can’t say enough good things about Regeneration.

Photos courtesy Joanna Dueweke

Pauline’s Closet

4246 2nd Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201‎
Phone: (313) 832-4711

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For Halloween: I liked how Pauline’s Closet is set up in a house, and there are definitely some interesting things to be found for any Halloween costume.  Their dollar bins aren’t your usual dollar bins, they have quality items in there, too.  This spot is worth the adventure to Midtown for the atmosphere alone coupled with a student discount!

For the whole year:  As soon as I walked in, I was graciously greeted and the staff explained where I could find everything I might want.  They were generous with information and humor, showing their favorite pieces while still giving me time to snoop.  Because Pauline’s is set up inside an actual house, every nook and cranny has something different to offer.  I was pleased to find quality clothing (vintage and modern), great prices, snappy jewelry and some welcomed laughs.

Photos courtesy Joanna Dueweke

Refined Resale

32823 Woodward Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Phone: (248) 549-7000

For Halloween:  Wow.  The unique variety in this store is evident by the vibrance of its lime green exterior.  I was attracted to this spot from blocks away!  They offer some high end options for your costume if you’re ready; I have never seen so many furs in one spot!  They have excellent variety in the women’s section, but not a ton of options for men’s clothing.

For the whole year: I really liked the staff at Refined Resale.  Warning though, they are really invested in their products!  I was overwhelmed at first by how aggressively they were showing me things that I might be interested in, and since the store is small, there’s not much room to hide. Once I got used to it, there were so many great treasures to be found!  Admittedly, the prices are not as economical as the other two gems I found, but there are a lot of designer trends at Refined.  If you’re passionate about designed clothing, this might be the exact place you’ve been looking for.

As always, my misadventurous times in Metro Detroit merely clarified that this another awesome thing about the Mitten!

~Joanna, Feature Writer

Got a favorite thrift store in the Metro Detroit area? Leave it in the comments below!

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