The Trenary Outhouse Classic: Too Many People, Not Enough Outhouses!

The Trenary Outhouse Classic: Too Many People, Not Enough Outhouses!

It’s the 20th year of that beloved UP tradition: the Trenary Outhouse Classic! In keeping with the race’s anniversary, this year’s theme is “Everybody’s Goin…to the Roarin’ 20th Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic!”

Photo from Wikimedia.

Held on the last Saturday of February – the 23rd, this year – the Trenary Outhouse Classic needs your help! Although the race draws crowds numbering in the thousands, the Outhouse Classic Committee is in dire need of outhouses. Adult entry requirements include the construction of an outhouse at least 3’ x 4’ x 6’ tall, with safety push bars, mounted on skis, and conducive to racing (aka: pushing.) The outhouse itself can be comprised of a combination of nearly endless possibilities: cardboard, wood, an old car, etc., but must be outfitted with a toilet seat, and roll of toilet paper. Cash prizes are awarded to the teams with the best times in each age bracket.

Since its creation in 1993 by Toivo Aho, the Trenary Outhouse Classic has been a consistently huge boost to Trenary’s local economy. Every February, the main road through Trenary becomes the racetrack for outhouses of every variety. Past sponsors include Dr. McGillicuddy’sRadio Results Network (RRN), Trenary Lions Club, and Jamadots. Registration fees range from $15 to $35, depending on age and date of registration. All proceeds go to supporting community projects in Trenary.

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