The Scoop: The Ice Cream Co.

The Scoop: The Ice Cream Co.
Awesome Mitten-The Scoop: The Ice Cream Co.
Photo courtesy of Tristan Chamberlain


If you’re ever on the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail that leads from Grand Rapids to Vermontville, eventually you’ll pass through Stage Coach Park in Middleville and come across an ice cream parlor named The Scoop. They are open all days of the week from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., and offer some of best treats in town. The Scoop has operated for fourteen years, but it’s only recently that it’s become a family business owned and run by the Huskas.

“This started by two ladies who are now retired,” explains Michael Huska, the manager. “They leased the building to us. It came with all the fifties and sixties Coca-Cola memorabilia you see. We thought, ‘why change what works?’”

Indeed, stepping into The Scoop is like stepping back in time. Every aesthetic has that sixties diner’s touch, from the colored glass panes and old soda cooler to the black and white checkered floor that makes you want to play a life-sized game of chess.

The Awesome Mitten-The Scoop: The Ice Cream Co.
Photo courtesy of The Scoop

The shop itself is located next to the parking lot that leads into the trail, making it the perfect place to start a bike ride or end a canoe trip, knowing there will be refreshing ice cream when you finish.

“We do the little things that matter for the bikers,” Huska says, “like offering free ice water and Wi-Fi.”

The dining room deck overlooking the park and river is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy dessert. The Scoop’s ice cream comes deliciously made from Ludington’s very own House of Flavors. Popular choices include Pirate’s Treasure (caramel ice cream with bits of candy and Oreo) and Mint Moose Tracks. They are also bringing back the classics like the Boston Cooler and the Hot Fudge Cream Puff.

“We specialize in hand-dip,” boasts Huska, “and we’ve been told we have the best soft serve.”

Ice cream isn’t all The Scoop has to offer. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays they play music for the park and grill foot-long hot dogs. It only costs a dollar-fifty to add chips and pop for a meal.

The Awesome Mitten-The Scoop: The Ice Cream Co.
Photo courtesy of Tristan Chamberlain

If you can’t come to The Scoop, sometimes it can come to you. They own an ice cream tricycle cart complete with an umbrella. It is used for parades and non-profit organizations that want to host ice cream socials.

With a convenient location, tasty food, and gorgeous trails, there is little doubt that The Scoop is an awesome place to be.

“We brought back the original ice cream shop,” Huska says.

Like The Scoop on Facebook for more information and news of their events. Please be aware that at this time The Scoop is only accepting cash and checks.

~Tristan Chamberlain, Associate Editor