Awesome Mitten-Right Brain Brewery

The Right Brain Brewery’s New Home

Awesome Mitten- Right Brain Brewery
Photo courtesy of Sarah Blodgett

Right brain thinking focuses on abstraction, artistic ability, and emotional response. The right part of the brain is often thought of as the center for imagination and creativity, and creativity is the hallmark of Traverse City’s Right Brain Brewery, one of northern Michigan’s many microbreweries. The Awesome Mitten has talked about Right Brain Brewery before, but their exciting new move has prompted us catch up with them and learn what’s changed.

Formerly located on Garland Street, Right Brain Brewery has relocated to 225 East 16th Street where they will host a grand reopening in mid-July. The new building is a better brewing environment and gives them room to grow. The new Right Brain Brewery will feature a pub, an entertainment venue, and an attached salon. They also plan to have a restaurant as well. It promises to be a great place to hang out with friends.

Awesome Mitten-Right Brain Brewery
Photo courtesy of Sarah Blodgett

Owner Russ Springsteen has a “passion for strange flavored beers” and he knew that he wasn’t the only fan. This inspired him to open a microbrewery of his own that features unique and artisan beers. “If you want boring common beer,” he says, “we don’t have it.”

All Right Brain beers are brewed in house, and they are known for creative  flavors such as strawberry and lavender. One of their newer creations is a sublime asparagus beer.

Springsteen recently obtained a wine license so he can serve wine, cider, and collaborate with local wineries. Once the brewery is up again, customers will be able to buy Right Brain beer from local stores. Springsteen makes sure to use as many neighborhood hops as possible, as he believes it’s important to help the local economy.

Springsteen gives the full story on the inspiration behind the name of his brewery: “When I was in high school we were given right or left brain tests. The teacher said we couldn’t do the test wrong and only a few of us would wind up right brained. I turned out to be the only right brained kid. She told me I took the test wrong, but she wound up inspiring me.”

He also thought the name would help his brewery stand out in a sea of pubs and restaurants with names that focused on the area. “There are a lot of places with names like ‘Bay something’ or ‘Northern something,’” Springsteen says. “The name Right Brain is different and gives us room for creative marketing.”

The Awesome Mitten- Right Brain Brewery
Photo courtesy of Sarah Blodgett

Everything about Right Brain Brewery is wonderfully different and the name fits it perfectly. The staff is friendly, the beer is phenomenal, and fans old and new will love what they have in store.

“The most awesome thing about Right Brain Brewery is all the fun beers,” Springsteen says. “We can do whatever flavor we want because we’re not corporate America.”

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~Sarah Blodgett, Feature Writer

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