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The Rattlesnake Club

Fenn Valley Vineyards At Michigan Wine Showcase. Photo Courtesy Joanna Dueweke.
Fenn Valley Vineyards at Michigan Wine Showcase. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

Walking up to the Rattlesnake Club is breathtaking. Located in Stroh’s 300 River Place Building on the Detroit River with fantastic views of the sun setting behind the city, approaching this venue creates excitement and anticipation for guests from the moment they arrive.

Michigan Wine Showcase

The Rattlesnake Club is fabulously famous for throwing extraordinary events. The Michigan Wine Showcase took place April 15th and featured wineries from all over Michigan. It was heaven; many of Michigan’s finest wineries strategically placed together in one room for tasters’ enjoyment. The appetizers served by the staff were so delicious that as soon as a new tray made its way across the room to the serving tables, a line had formed behind the waiter carrying it. Mini pizzas, various meats and cheeses, and delicious breads were served in abundance.

Wine and Food

Butter-Poached Lobster Tail And Claw: Served With Truffle Mashed Potato And Lobster Drizzle For Detroit Restaurant Week. Photo Courtesy Joanna Dueweke.
Butter-Poached Lobster Tail and Claw: served with truffle mashed potato and lobster drizzle for Detroit Restaurant Week. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

As The Rattlesnake Club’s involvement in the Michigan Wine Showcase makes very apparent, the restaurant is exceptionally interested in the ways that different wines beautifully pair with different foods. It is because of this harmonious relationship that some of the most coveted events are the wine pairing dinners put on at the club. During Michigan Wine Month, it was a special treat to have Matt Gregory from Chateau de Leelanau work with Chef Franz in creating tastings unlike any other with a strictly local appeal for the Wines of the World Dinner Series.

For a special spring treat on May 13, Chef Franz at The Rattlesnake is taking his meticulous and delicious food a little north of his downtown restaurant’s location and working with Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room to bring together several Michigan wines from winemakers that represent all four Michigan wine trails. It will be a truly regionally enticing and scrumptious experience for all!

Drink Michigan’s Sip of Michigan

The Awesome Mitten had the pleasure of attending Drink Michigan’s third annual Sip of Michigan event last July. Not only did Team Awesome get to attend, but we got to participate as well. Volunteers were needed to pour wine, beer, mead, liquor and other scrumptious Michigan beverages to guests. It was a personal pleasure to pour for L. Mawby and M. Lawrence, who famously feature sparkling wines with names such as Sex, Detroit, and Fizz. The night was full of giggles as people timidly approached, asking for “a glass of Sex.”

Nutella Espresso Cheesecake: Served With Salted Caramel Glaze For Detroit Restaurant Week. Photo Courtesy Joanna Dueweke.
Nutella Espresso Cheesecake: served with salted caramel glaze for Detroit Restaurant Week. Photo courtesy Joanna Dueweke.

The outdoor deck of The Rattlesnake Club was the perfect place for guests to sit back, enjoy the summer night on the river, and sample all of Michigan’s best beverages. An abundance of appetizers were served all evening to pair with the amazing beverages consumed. The Detroit RiverFront provided guests with the perfect opportunity to wander along the river and get some fresh air after all the beverage samples. An after party was conveniently held at the nearby Atwater Brewery, allowing everyone to unwind and reflect on their favorite moments of the evening. All ticket proceeds went to First Step of Wayne County, which assists families and individuals affected by domestic and sexual assault.

Detroit Restaurant Week

Being able to attend restaurants with truly exquisite menus at a reasonable price is an amazing opportunity during Detroit Restaurant Week.  The experience at The Rattlesnake Club was nothing less than spectacular with the impeccable staff, the truly divine menu options, and the modern, yet unpretentious nature of the club. Each course more fantastic than the last, taste buds were truly dazzled throughout the entirety of the meal. Beginning with Spring Michigan Asparagus, then moving on to Butter-Poached Lobster Tail and Claw, and finishing with Nutella Espresso Cheesecake, the night and its decadence will not be forgotten.

Have you been to The Rattlesnake Club? What events are your favorite? Do you plan to join The Awesome Mitten when we celebrate on the Detroit RiverFront once again?

Brought to you by Jennifer Hamilton and Joanna Dueweke

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