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Made in Michigan: The Green Glove Dryer is a Great Holiday Gift Idea

No matter who you are, exchanging gifts is fun to do. The Awesome Mitten has made it easy for you by highlighting unique Michigan gifts that we would love to receive ourselves. The Green Glove Dryer is brainstormed, built, and sold in our beloved state!

Photo Courtesy of Karen Smoots
Photo Courtesy of Karen Smoots

Michigander Karen Smoots, a mother of two and a winter recreationalist, invented the Green Glove Dryer because, “It was a necessity!” When her kids came home from school or in from playing outside, hats and gloves were always sopping wet from snow, sweat, rain, and slush. 

She would throw them in the dryer for a half-hour, but even if they were warmed, drying the inside of those gloves and mittens was almost impossible. When they began to smell around January, she would throw them away, only to find bathing suits hanging in stores where gloves had been just weeks before. You all know the story!

She needed a solution with specific criteria: it needed to be eco-friendly, effective, inexpensive, and not taking up a lot of space would be a nice bonus. “A concept out of our garage” was the next step and was the solution she had been hunting for the whole time. 

The Green Glove Dryer sets on a register in your home, or school, and uses the building’s warm airflow to thoroughly dry gloves, mittens, hats, boot socks, or even shoes. It’s not a fire hazard and by the time you wake up in the morning, your items have dried completely.

“There’s nothing like putting warm, toasty gloves on your hands before going outside during a Michigan winter”, says Karen proudly of her product.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Smoots
Photo Courtesy of Karen Smoots

Otis Montessori Academy, a school in Portage (where Smoots resides) has already installed six mitten dryers to dry students gloves and hats between recesses. In Michigan, students are required to be outside twice a day for at least twenty minutes…and then proceed to stuff their wet clothes into lockers and backpacks. 

Even if you toss them in the laundry for twenty minutes when kids get home, that’s 100 minutes a week that you could save on your electric bill.

This winter glove dryer is a great solution for adults, too! Cashmere, leather and wool gloves, and mittens would be ruined in the dryer, but they are safe with the Green Glove Dryer.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Smoots
Photo Courtesy of Karen Smoots

Aside from being designed in Michigan, it’s also manufactured and distributed here too, although the Green Glove Dryer love will soon sweep our midwest neighbors who experience similar winter struggles. 

The Smoots distribute the product to thirty-one retailers in the state and use the dryer daily in their own home. 

Who would want/use one?

Anyone who enjoys being outdoors during winter in Michigan. This is a particularly awesome gift for parents with children who are outside multiple times per day!

Where can I get one?

Buy it now on

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