The Awesome Mitten Competes for $25K Grant


Kristin M. Coppens

Media Relations Director


The Awesome Mitten Competes for $25K Grant

Grand Rapids, MI- Last week, The Awesome Mitten entered the Intuit competition to win $25,000 hiring grant for our employees. The Awesome Mitten is a company committed to bringing attention to all things “awesome” throughout the state of Michigan. Our current campaign, “365 Days of Awesome,” highlights a person, place, product, event, business, etc. each day.

The Awesome Mitten employs writers, interns, editors, designers, and more in a diverse and extremely talented team of awesome Michiganders.  Therefore, the Intuit hiring grant allows us to pay said staffers for their already stellar contributions and passions, as well as employing additional team members in the near future.

To vote for The Awesome Mitten, click here and share a brief comment on why you love our local business! Remember that the more votes we receive the higher The Awesome Mitten climbs in the standings to win. Don’t want to visit a website to vote? Text “awesomemitten” to 244326. The winner of the Intuit hiring grant will be announced at the end of the month once voting has closed.

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