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Photo Courtesy of Teamwork Bags
Photo Courtesy of Teamwork Bags

As West Michigan continues to improve it’s reputation as a “green” region, locals look to community businesses more and more to provide everyday needs beyond food. Teamwork Bags, founded in 2006 by two dedicated Michiganders, is a business to watch as their brand continues to gain momentum with customers all over the world.
Nick Stockton and Nick Stygstra, friends and designers, stumbled upon the idea for Teamwork Bags when co-founder Stockton needed a bag and didn’t want to buy one. After his messenger bag sewn from a recycled sail was well received, the duo invested in a sewing machine and brought old materials on their way to a landfill back to life.
Since their launch, the product line has grown to include bags and assorted retail made from Great Lakes recycled sails, military canvas, donated signs and more. Their name became more commonly recognized when they began partnering with organizations like ArtPrize to upcycle banners and signage that the city will be unable to use again. Most recently, they’ve partnered with Stock Mfg Co. to release a collaboration bag and reach the Chicago area. While the bags may seem expensive, customers can feel better knowing that all Teamwork Bags come with a lifelong guarantee- if it’s broke, they’ll fix it and if they can’t, you get a new one! Lined with billboard material, even the inside of the bag is hard to damage, since sails, signs and military equipment are all built for varying outdoor conditions.

Photo Courtesy of Teamwork Bags
Photo Courtesy of Teamwork Bags

Things to look forward to with Teamwork Bags include the launch of their new website, which is expected any day now. They’ve also embraced the rather genius function of the pop-up shop, opening for a few weeks in different venues to sell a fixed inventory. Like them on Facebook to stay current with the pop-up locations and any new products for Fall/Winter 2013.
For more details on the starting point for Teamwork Bags, read the 2012 article on the beginning stages of success by Awesome Mitten’s Jennifer Hamilton!


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