John KalmarGraphic Designer

John Kalmar<span class="wpmtp-job-title">Graphic Designer</span>
John Kalmar - The Awesome Mitten
: Detroit

Born in Detroit, raised in Grand Rapids and schooled in East Lansing, I’m a Michigander, through and through. After receiving my B.A. in journalism with a specialization in graphic design from Michigan State University in 2011, I ventured outside the comfy confines of the Mitten to take a newspaper job in Louisville, Kentucky. After a bourbon and KFC fueled year in the fake south, the pull of the Great Lakes was too strong to keep me away, and I soon returned home.

 I have a real passion for this state, so designing graphics for The Awesome Mitten has been a real joy for me. One project that I’m particularly proud of was an illustrated map of Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood. I spent many long nights learning the finer architectural intricacies of neighborhood staples like Slow’s, Nancy Whiskey and Michigan Central Station, and many subsequent days experiencing them firsthand.

While West Michigan will always be home, I’m enjoying my second stint as a metro Detroiter.  Despite being more than a little rough around the edges, I’m continually drawn to and amazed by the city of Detroit. The art, architecture and history of this city is almost unlike any other place in the world. Detroit City really is the place to be.

On warm, Pure Michigan summer nights you can find me on my front porch, taking in the soothing sounds of Dan Dickerson and Jim Price calling Detroit Tigers games and yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn.