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claire moore - The awesome Mitten
: Marquette

My name is legally Claire.

But I’ll also respond to “Clairebear,” “C-Bear,” “Seabear,” “Pup,” “Sissy,” or “Clairey Cupcakes.”

I was born in Rochester Hills, lived roughly half of my life in Gaylord, then Traverse City, and currently reside in Marquette, where I attend Northern Michigan University and love every minute of it.

I am, foremost, an artist—looking to stick my fingers into as many creative outlets as possible, all the while being electrocuted with the exciting possibilities of each one.

I love oatmeal stouts, figure drawing, referring to myself as my dog’s mother, and getting tattoos.

I can’t imagine not living next to one of the Great Lakes.

Born, bred, and here to stay, I can proudly say I've lived all over our Awesome Mitten--and on three of the five Great Lakes, at that. My imagination has always been my greatest strength and in cooperation with the Awesome Mitten, I can excitedly implement my creativity in a way to promote all that is wonderful about Michigan. Contact me at